"We have to maintain the highest levels of discipline and standards of behaviour. If we don’t, we will be weak as a group." - Mark Warburton  


Written by: 1972
Thursday, 28th April 2016

On the 15th of April 1989, I stood at the terraces of Celtic Park as Rangers played St Johnstone in a Scottish Cup Semi Final. As news started coming through the radio of what was happening at Hillsborough, many of us stood in silence, helpless as the Liverpool support faced the kind of horror our support had in 1971.

At the time, we had no knowledge of the circumstances, and many will recall on that day, there was a small crush amongst our own support as some of the crowds entered the stadium. Fortunately it passed without serious incident.

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Bring It On

Written by: 1972
Wednesday, 27th April 2016

While the aftermath of the League win, and cup semi-final win have not gone as planned, they have served a purpose to indicate weaknesses in our team. What we need to understand is that these weaknesses are not new, and that it was not possible to create a perfect team in one season.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Peter Houston at Falkirk has been there a year longer, as has Alan Stubbs with both managers appointed in 2014.

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The Thompsons. An Imaginary Tale Of Karma

Written by: John McCrae
Friday, 15th April 2016

Louise Thompson didn't want to work at Tannadice. The Job Centre had sent her, warning her that her benefits would be stopped. She hated the place and hated the football club whose home it was, Dundee United. There were reasons. To her mind, legitimate reasons. Her mother, Agnes, had worked for years at Morning, Noon and Night, the chain of foodstores owned by the late Chairman of Dundee United, Eddie Thompson. Worked, that was, until Eddie Thompson, the multi-millionaire, no relation Eddie Thompson had sold the chain to Scotmid, netting himself a tad over £30 million. Within weeks, Agnes Thompson, failing to find another job, had turned to drink. Within months, she had turned to drugs and prostitution. Within a year, she was dead, her knickers at her ankles, a soiled condom nearby and a needle in her arm.

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FOI reveals The Sun's Rebecca Gray's Lies

Written by: Admin
Thursday, 31st March 2016

Vanguard Bears today expose Rebecca Gray of The Scottish Sun for publishing blatant lies on News Corp's online tabloid on 10th March 2016.


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One Way Street

Written by: albertz
Thursday, 10th March 2016

So there we have what we all knew from day one of this Offensive Behaviour and Communications Act nonsense. If you are a Protestant Unionist Loyalist you are under the watchful eyes of the Law for sectarianism. On the other hand if you are a Catholic, Republican Nationalist you can refer to people in any manner you wish.  

This sectarian bigot decided to call people Dirty Orange Inbred Monkey Bastards and told the court it was banter. So I now ask Frank Mulholland, amateur law maker and Celtic season ticket holder if he has any objections to me referring to him as a Dirty Fenian Bastard and of course adding that it's only banter.


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