"We have to maintain the highest levels of discipline and standards of behaviour.
If we don’t, we will be weak as a group."
- Mark Warburton

The Measure of the Big Club

Written by: Harry Hattrick
Tuesday, 6th December 2016

The term “big club” is oft used by football supporters regarding their club, and there are often some delusional supporters who believe their club is much bigger than it is.

Finance may be a key factor that allows some fans to believe their club falls in to the category of “big club”, but finance is temporary, and while (some) clubs can indeed grow bigger with the help of cash, in many cases there are a number of other factors that define the true size of a club.

The draw, or pull that a club has, is a far bigger indicator of its size than how much cash is sitting in its bank account.

How a club conducts itself is also very important, as is how its fans conduct themselves.

When one hears of Celtic’s Peter Lawwell claiming that Celtic would be the biggest club in Britain if they played in the English Premier League, one is reminded how an inferiority complex can drive a delusion which has no basis in fact, just in order to try and remedy those feelings of inferiority.

Let’s not forget, Peter Lawwell knows only a world where Rangers have accumulated trophy after trophy in Scotland, and have led the way in this country since we were formed for sporting reasons in 1872. Like the vast majority of Celtic fans, Peter only knows second.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Written by: General Schomberg
Monday, 5th December 2016

Paedophilia is vile. In fact it is beyond vile. The perpetrators are monsters. Evil, depraved, sub-human.

For a generation, a paedophile operated at Celtic Football Club, molesting children supposedly under his care. Celtic Football Club is not to blame for James Torbett's horrific perversions. These devious and deceitful men (and occasionally women) make it their mission to wheedle their way into areas where they have access to children. James Torbett was one of them.

But that is where any absolution of blame regards the Celtic Paedophilia Scandal should end. Let us be blunt here – Celtic Football Club, its manager and board of directors knew about Torbett's sexual molestation of young boys and failed to contact the police. Further, they attempted to cover up his crimes, with manager Jock Stein in particular, disgracefully instructing Celtic employees to "keep the name of Celtic Football Club clean at all times".

Digest press reports from the time the scandal was finally uncovered:

"Jock Stein and the Celtic board covered up allegations made against Boys' Club founder Jim Torbett…… He (witness Hugh Birt) told how he took the allegations against Torbett to the Celtic board and Stein and even told the then vice-chairman, Kevin Kelly, about them at a meeting…… I was told by Jock Stein to keep the name of Celtic Football Club clean at all times." (1)

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The FA And The SFA Should Hang Their Heads In Shame

Written by: WMBB
Friday, 25th November 2016

The FA was challenged in 1997 by Deborah Davies the Channel 4 Dispatches reporter. She approached the FA and had the door shut in her face. This is explained in the link below for the radio 4 programme World at One.


The silence of the FA is disturbing and is of its time. Twenty one years ago large organisations could deflect and dodge questions levelled at them by nosy reporters.

Deborah Davies was also interviewed by TalkSport in relation to the abuse that took place at Crewe FC. When she was asked to expand on her report back in the late nineties she mentioned the incident with the FA and that there was also an 'issue' with other clubs, one of which she names as Celtic FC. You can clearly hear this in the link below.


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Demonisation Of Rangers' Support Continues

Written by: Armanithin
Friday, 4th November 2016

Whilst like many bears who have been through many of the highs and lows of football following our team, I am stunned even to this day at how low, how sneaky and how downright vile the folk who despise our club are willing to go to publically attack, safe in the knowledge they can do so with utter impunity.

I won’t even go into our pathetic soft underbelly of a support who loathe and despise both our history and culture, BUT more disappointingly, their own fellow supporters who do not conform to their new age diluted values. Message to them. You won’t win. Leave and go and pontificate somewhere else.

I am relatively calm and suitably wearied by the constant attacks to be surprised…..or so I thought.

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Legal Defence Fund Total

Written by: Admin
Friday, 21st October 2016

In the interests of transparency we can confirm that a total of £7475.99 was raised for the benefit of the Legal Defence Fund.

This is broken down as follows:

* £500 - Barrington RSC.

* £1218.77 - Polo Shirts sold by VB.

* £5757.22 - Crowdfunding (£6110.02 was raised but their 5% fee & card processing charges of 1.3% credit card, 17p debit card were deducted = £352.80). Note: This includes the £1690 from the Holepark fundraiser.

A number of affected supporters have been in touch - to date, one fan has had his lawyers fees reimbursed.

VB Admin offer a sincere thank you to everyone who made a contribution towards the fund. The Rangers family looks after its own.


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