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Show Racism the Red Card

Written by: 1972
Wednesday, 27th September 2017

When show racism the Red Card tweeted a picture of Phil Gillivan/White/McGillivan/MacGiollabhain this week after apparently participating in a workshop it was destined to end badly, and, to a certain extent it has.

After a number of Rangers fans contacted SRTRC online with numerous examples of Ill Phil's own bigotry and vile hate filled blogs, they sacrificed him with a couple of platitudes to soften the blow.

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Remove The Cancer

Written by: 1972
Tuesday, 12th September 2017

Some people may be surprised at the obsessive nature of the bheasts across the city pressurising football authorities to strip Rangers of titles, or impact Rangers' UEFA licence, but here at VB towers we are well aware of the level of hatred and grievance that drives an element of the Celtic support, and apparently that also includes Peter Lawwell. 

At a normal football club, supporters full of hatred for their rivals trying to get their board (and anyone else who can help) to damage their rivals would typically be ignored, while the board concentrate on their own affairs.

Celtic are not normal, however, and neither is Scottish football. Many across the city have convinced themselves that Rangers employment of EBTs had a material impact on their club. It doesn't matter that this doesn't make sense to normal people, because it makes sense to those who have been fed grievance all their lives, and those who judge others by their own actions.

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Fight Fire With Fire

Written by: 1972
Friday, 8th September 2017

One should not be surprised at two startling developments in the crazy obsession of the sevco-ists this week, namely the relevations that Celtic CEO Peter Lawwell has been agitating for further punishment of Rangers with regards to EBTS, both in 2012, and several weeks ago.

It seems that Rangers being demoted to the bottom division, losing a squad of full international players, being fined while in Administration, being penalised points in the 2011/2012 season, with the result effectively handing Celtic both a free run for 5 years at the title, and 5 years riches of the champions league is not enough.

You'd think Celtic would realise how lady luck has smiled on them, since they stopped their own EBT usage (without punishment I may add), and since former Celtic Chairman (and friend of Dawn Primarolo) John Reid's friends at HMRC moved the goalposts on tax, at the same time that Govt owned Lloyds bank, were attempting to strangle the club.

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In Support Of The Union Bears

Written by: Mr T Wood
Wednesday, 16th August 2017

The recent statement from the Union Bears regards the breakdown of communication with those in the club in relation to the implementation of safe standing at Ibrox gives plenty food for thought.

I read with interest because it cast my mind back to conversations which I was involved in back in 2003, sharing a beer with a fellow bear in a hostelry on PRW after a game where this subject came up. He was in a position to raise and push the idea of Safe Standing with the club and I did a bit of digging for him on what was almost exclusively the German model at the time. After an exchange of emails or two the matter was dropped. Now I cannot be certain where the discussions went after my involvement finished but it’s obvious to all that it went nowhere. Having saw the matter come to the fore again this past week, I looked out the report which had started those conversations in 2003. I had been given a copy of “English Fans' Fact Finding Mission to Germany, February 2001”. By SAFE: The Campaign for Safe Standing Areas. Even back then, some 16 years ago it was clear that Rangers could and should have stolen a march on other clubs in the UK and been bold enough to look at this seriously. I will not bore you with the details of the lengthy report which is now somewhat out of date but for information on safe standing you can refer to: http://fsf.org.uk/campaigns/safe-standing/.

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Consistent Inconsistency

Written by: D'Artagnan
Tuesday, 15th August 2017

Apologies if this journey appears a tad confusing, I can assure you none of it is my doing. It starts with Rangers player Andy Halliday receiving a red card against Morton for a goal celebration which officials deemed had the potential to incite a riot. Further along the road we have a security guard gesturing a 5 - 1 sign whilst posing for a photograph with Hibs manager Neil's Lennon. A gesture the Edinburgh club described as "insulting" and which merited a complaint. Our journey ends at Ibrox with Neil Lennon aforesaid, gesticulating a GIRUY to the Rangers support during a match Police Scotland had expressed concern about. Despite all of the foregoing this incident was deemed neither insulting nor likely to incite a riot, apparently it could be categorised as "banter"

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