"We have to maintain the highest levels of discipline and standards of behaviour. If we don’t, we will be weak as a group." - Mark Warburton  

A Dark Day

Written by: 1972
Monday, 23rd May 2016

For Rangers fans in recent years, there have been many dark days, but Saturday’s events rank with any of them.

The analysis of the football is for another day with there being more pressing issues to resolve.

Let’s be absolutely clear, when Hibs scored the winner in injury time, shortly followed by the final whistle, the expected outpouring of joy at winning their first Scottish cup for 114 years instead materialised as a bizarre venom filled attempt to start a riot, with Rangers players attacked, and thousands of Hibs fans leaving their own support in their “end” of the ground, to attack and provoke the Rangers support.

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Help Your Fellow Bears In Their Time Of Need

Written by: Admin
Monday, 23rd May 2016

Vanguard Bears have set up a donation link via 'Just Giving' to help any Rangers fan with legal fees or fines resulting from any arrests following Saturday's Cup Final.


We fully believe every Rangers fan who defended their Club's players and fellow supporters from attack by screaming, hate-filled hordes at Hampden Park deserve our backing and full support. With this in mind, we are asking for donations, big or small, to help our fellow Bears in time of need

No football club or support wishes to see fans fighting on the field of play or terraces, but on this occasion, we feel the Rangers support had no choice but to stand up and be counted. We would also hope the RFFF committee see fit to release some funds to help our fellow Bears.

Let us be very clear here, the Rangers supporters who defended their Club's players and fellow fans, did the job of the police and stewards who stood idly by and watched as our players were assaulted and abused, and our support taunted and subjected to attacks in person and by missiles.


Enough Is Enough

Written by: D'Artagnan
Sunday, 22nd May 2016

I suppose having written about the dehumanisation of our support for the last 20 years yesterday's events at Hampden should have come as no surprise to me. But they did, and then some.

As our bus made its way back home from Hampden we listened to Stuart Cosgrove on the radio. It was something of a masterclass in defending the indefensible. I would urge every Rangers fan to listen to it on the BBC website - it will give you valuable insight into exactly what we are up against as a club and support.

Despite co-presenter Tam Cowan's obvious disgust at what had just been witnessed at Hampden Cosgrove attempted to minimise every aspect of what had transpired, repeatedly telling both fellow presenters and listeners not to become 'morally over reactive'. When Chic Young gave a live update confirming the disgraceful scenes Cosgrove went into whataboutery mode asking Young if he had invaded Wembley in 1977. It was pointed out to Cosgrove that those doing so back in '77 didn't assault players or engage in violence. But to no avail.

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The Day That Scotland Died

Written by: The Ref
Sunday, 22nd May 2016

I was born in Scotland. I've always considered myself Scottish and British. My late mum was of Irish descent and three of her uncles were no more than boys, when they were all killed fighting while serving in Scottish regiments in World War 1. My dads brother was killed fighting for the Allies in Wold War 2.

I had the honour of representing Scotland at sport, and I've stood on the old terracing at Hampden watching Scotland play England, hoping for a victory, while English friends of mine were stood in the opposite end, hoping the same.

I would stand and cheer, and sing about Jimmy Hill, but at the end of the day, my rivalry amounted to banter and bragging rights with my English friends.

Those days are gone.

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How much did our demotion hurt us?

Written by: 1972
Wednesday, 4th May 2016

When I compared aspects of support and attitudes in Scottish football to our English brothers yesterday, the reference to the infamous 5 way agreement sparked anger once again at a shameful episode in the recent history of Scottish Football.

Of course, we at VB have covered the 5 way agreement before, and the shameful conduct of SFA Chief Stewart Regan during “negotiations”.


No one to date has effectively captured exactly what that decision to demote us has cost the club over the last 4 years, and I’m no mathematician, but I hope you’ll excuse me laying out some of the impacts as I see it.

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