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- William Struth

In Support Of The Union Bears

Written by: Mr T Wood
Wednesday, 16th August 2017

The recent statement from the Union Bears regards the breakdown of communication with those in the club in relation to the implementation of safe standing at Ibrox gives plenty food for thought.

I read with interest because it cast my mind back to conversations which I was involved in back in 2003, sharing a beer with a fellow bear in a hostelry on PRW after a game where this subject came up. He was in a position to raise and push the idea of Safe Standing with the club and I did a bit of digging for him on what was almost exclusively the German model at the time. After an exchange of emails or two the matter was dropped. Now I cannot be certain where the discussions went after my involvement finished but it’s obvious to all that it went nowhere. Having saw the matter come to the fore again this past week, I looked out the report which had started those conversations in 2003. I had been given a copy of “English Fans' Fact Finding Mission to Germany, February 2001”. By SAFE: The Campaign for Safe Standing Areas. Even back then, some 16 years ago it was clear that Rangers could and should have stolen a march on other clubs in the UK and been bold enough to look at this seriously. I will not bore you with the details of the lengthy report which is now somewhat out of date but for information on safe standing you can refer to: http://fsf.org.uk/campaigns/safe-standing/.

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Consistent Inconsistency

Written by: D'Artagnan
Tuesday, 15th August 2017

Apologies if this journey appears a tad confusing, I can assure you none of it is my doing. It starts with Rangers player Andy Halliday receiving a red card against Morton for a goal celebration which officials deemed had the potential to incite a riot. Further along the road we have a security guard gesturing a 5 - 1 sign whilst posing for a photograph with Hibs manager Neil's Lennon. A gesture the Edinburgh club described as "insulting" and which merited a complaint. Our journey ends at Ibrox with Neil Lennon aforesaid, gesticulating a GIRUY to the Rangers support during a match Police Scotland had expressed concern about. Despite all of the foregoing this incident was deemed neither insulting nor likely to incite a riot, apparently it could be categorised as "banter"

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Joe O'Rourke, Chris Sutton And Perfume

Written by: John McCrae
Wednesday, 9th August 2017

An advertising campaign states: Obsession is a lovely deep, sexy and sensual scent by Calvin Klein. Launched in 1985, this scent epitomises relaxed glamour and sexuality. The main theme of this assured, sexual perfume is amber. This dominant note is surrounded by woods, orientals and fruits.

My personal definition is that Obsession is a terrible trait of Celtic supporters. Launched in 1888, this trait epitomises bitterness and hatred. The main theme of this trait is inadequacy. This inferiority is surrounded by possessing fewer titles and fewer trophies.

Before this morning, I hadn't heard of Ross McArthur. I'd be surprised if any football fan, other than those who follow Dunfermline would have. Now, he finds himself unwillingly thrust into the media spotlight. Mr McArthur, for those who don't read sports headlines, is the Chairman of Dunfermline Athletic.

His erudite, brief statement sums up what most people in the game want. And that is closure, 'Bridge-rebuilding', to use his own words.

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Lies And Hypocrisy - The Celtic Way

Written by: Finlay Speedie
Wednesday, 9th August 2017

Celtic were formed in 1888. Their official club badge says so. Only they weren't - the club badge has the wrong year on it. This however is the least of their lies.

There is a lot made of Andrew Kerins' charitable intentions when he founded a football club in the east-end of Glasgow in November 1887. There is nothing to suggest that his intentions were anything other than to provide funding (via gate-money) to improve the lives of many families in the east-end of Glasgow suffering from abject poverty. The means used to disperse the funds however would ensure that one section of society (the indigenous Protestant population) were excluded. Celtic's first balance sheet shows that by far the main recipients of funds (three times higher than any other organisation at £164) was the St Vincent de Paul Society. The charity founded by Andrew Kerins, the Poor Childrens Dinner Table, which was the purpose for which the club was established, received just £51. By the mid-late 1890's, just a decade after the club was founded, the Catholic Observer lamented that Celtic had "forgotten what the club was founded for, with some years seeing no charity payments at all from the club".

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Help Your Friends

Written by: 1972
Tuesday, 8th August 2017

Do you have a friend who believes Rangers died?
Do you have a friend who has no job, but utilises their waking hours obsessing about Rangers, calling them Sevco?
Do you have a friend who is unemployable, and doesn't even know his own name?
Do you have a friend who pays money to crowdfunders to challenge Rangers titles?
Do you have a friend who feeds his family from crowdfunders?
Do you have a friend who has shagged not one but two well known Republican politicians while she was underage?
Do you have a friend who lives in a multi million pound lodge near Glasgow, but acts like a Sevco Jakey?
Do you have a friend who claims he is a marked man, but actually isn't?
Do you have a friend who thinks EBTS are unlawful, but only when one other football clubs use them?
Do you have a friend who railed against the injustices of Rangers tax arrangements, but hero worships Craig Whyte?
Do you have a friend who whinges about Rangers EBT side letters, but has no issue with reports about Celtic players being funded by Dermot Desmond rather than the club?
Do you have a friend who believes Dunfermline threw the League Decider in 2003?
Do you have a friend who is an adult but wears a Celtic kit to go on holiday?
Do you have a friend who spends waking hours taking inspiration from IRA Propaganda for painting banners?
Do you have a friend who believes Rangers EBT's mean they should be stripped of titles?
Do you have a friend who thinks those titles should be awarded to Celtic, who also used EBTs, spent more money, and still couldn't win?
Do you have a friend who writes letters to authorities across the globe to highlight your views about Rangers?
Do you have a friend who believes the SPL and SFA are biased towards Rangers, and is calling for the head of Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster?
Do you have a friend who challenged 'bigotry' right up until a law robust enough to arrest bigots and racists was implemented?
Do you have a friend who now campaigns against that law?
Do you have a friend who hates bigotry but supports the Sectarian IRA, and the murdering Homophobic HAMAS?
Do you have a friend who believes Celtic fans are the heart of progressive politics, while singing about the death of Lee Rigby?

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