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Legal Defence Fund Total

Written by: Admin
Friday, 21st October 2016

In the interests of transparency we can confirm that a total of £7475.99 was raised for the benefit of the Legal Defence Fund.

This is broken down as follows:

* £500 - Barrington RSC.

* £1218.77 - Polo Shirts sold by VB.

* £5757.22 - Crowdfunding (£6110.02 was raised but their 5% fee & card processing charges of 1.3% credit card, 17p debit card were deducted = £352.80). Note: This includes the £1690 from the Holepark fundraiser.

A number of affected supporters have been in touch - to date, one fan has had his lawyers fees reimbursed.

VB Admin offer a sincere thank you to everyone who made a contribution towards the fund. The Rangers family looks after its own.

Should sheep be shepherded or policed?

Written by: John McCrae
Tuesday, 27th September 2016

It is with no surprise that I read of Rangers fans being arrested during and after the weekend defeat at Pittodrie. I am told by one travelling Rangers supporter that police standing guard over the travelling support stood open mouthed as their colleagues lifted Rangers fans without cause.

Another tells of one zealous policeman shoving a Rangers fan around and treating him 'like scum'. Yet another says that he was pushed and then 'skelped one' simply for trying to move away from the area where some fans were being baited by Scotland's finest. One Rangers fan had the hood on his jacket pulled up, his arms outstretched and held by two policemen, while a fourth had the fan's neck in a stranglehold.

Coins were thrown at Rangers fans, while Aberdeen stewards stood and watched.

...Read the full article here

VB Call For Ibrox Ban On Celtic Supporters

Written by: Admin
Monday, 12th September 2016

The continued attacks on the Rangers support from a sizeable sectarian element in the Celtic support must end.

Our support is sick of being the seemingly easy target of those hate-filled bigots at Celtic Park.

Saturday's utterly shameful display of sectarianism was a new low even for that shower of bigoted filth, and merely confirms that it is not just Celtic's away support that resorts to such blatant sectarianism.

...Read the full article here

BBC Scotland

Written by: Blueboy
Sunday, 11th September 2016

In January 2016 BBC Scotland revealed that they had a created a self imposed ban on sending reporters to Ibrox Stadium, home of Scotland's largest and most successful football club.

This ban was imposed due to their belief that their senior football correspondent, and lifelong Celtic fan, Chris McLaughlin, had been treated harshly by the club when his press privileges were removed for refusing to report on matters in a fair and balanced manner. Furthermore, BBC Scotland continue to mislead by reporting that their employee has been 'banned' from Ibrox. It is my belief that if Mr McLaughlin wishes to attend, he can pay for a ticket a la Graeme Spiers, a fellow Rangers hater. Maybe yet another complaint that should be sent to the BBC Trust, who are already sick to the back teeth of upholding complaints against this supposedly impartial institution.

The background to this issue, without spending too much time going over old ground, relates to a fixture on 25th July 2015. A new, exciting Rangers squad, with a young, highly regarded manager were playing their first competitive fixture, at the home of their biggest rivals that season.

...Read the full article here

Support Continues for Twaddell Peace Camp

Written by: Admin
Thursday, 1st September 2016

The membership of Vanguard Bears recently raised the sum of £500 to be donated towards the upkeep of the Twaddell Civil Rights Camp.

It has been more than three years since the Orange Order's Ligoniel Lodges were debarred from returning to their homes via the traditional route past Ardyone shops.

Our loyalist friends from across the water are always in the thoughts of VB Admin and membership and we remain hopeful of a satisfactory conclusion to this unwarranted impasse.


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