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VB Fundraiser: Cup Final Defence Fund

Written by: Admin
Thursday, 23rd June 2016

On Sunday 19th June, Vanguard Bears held a very enjoyable and hugely successful fundraiser at the Holepark Social Club in Cambuslang. We wish to extend our gratitude to the staff for their hospitality and hard work on the day and for making every visitor most welcome.

We would also like to thank our resident singer who deserves great credit for his work in organising the event and for entertaining every Bear in attendance.

The Sunday Bash raised a further £1690 for our Scottish Cup Final Defence Fund which was set up last month. The fund is well on its way to achieving the next milestone of £10,000. This money will be used to help Rangers fans with legal costs resulting from charges brought against them after entering the field of play to defend the Club's players and officials.

If you appreciate the situation some Rangers fans have been forced into and would like to help out, you can still contribute to the fund through our JustGiving web page: https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/vanguardbears. The closing date for donations has been extended until the 20th of September 2016.

Lastly, our appreciation goes to the members and guests who helped out and contributed to today's sum. For those who couldn't make it, here is a small clip of one VB's wonderful musicians.

We Are The People.


by Nineteen-SeventyTwo
by John McCrae


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