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Written by: PHIL WHITE
Friday, 9th November 2018

A former chief executive of the Scottish Football Association (SFA) has called for an inquiry into historical sexual abuse. Gordon Smith told BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme it should look at how clubs and national bodies responded to allegations. Mr Smith said: "There should be an inquiry, an inquiry into anybody who knew anything about this sort of thing.

You mean like Big Jock, who knew?

"If this was happening at a club, what action did they take?

In the case of the Parkhead Paedophiles – none.

"We're now finding out some of the cases down in England where the club tried to hush the situation, even paid a player money to not say anything about it."

Over at Cromwell Street, the Celtic Manager Jock Stein instructed employees to hush up the filth perpetrated by twice-convicted Celtic paedophile James Torbett.

The English Football Association has commissioned an independent investigation into the way it dealt with abuse allegations.

Meanwhile the Scottish Football Association followed Peter's instructions carefully and tried to act as if 5 paedophiles strutting their stuff at the Theatre of Shame was nothing out of the ordinary.

Partick Thistle have not named the physiotherapist accused of carrying out abuse or made clear if he was reported to the authorities at the time.

The Parkhead Peadophiles have re-named their youth wing St. Patricks, gave them a bung and reported absolutely nothing to anyone at any time.

In a statement, the north Glasgow club said: "As far as Thistle's current management can ascertain, no other allegations were made to the club at that time with regard to him or any other employee. "The club has contacted the SFA and Police Scotland to advise them of what they know to date and will fully comply with any investigation."

Conversely, directors at the Parkhead Paedophiles contacted Torbett to renew business arrangements and warned him to watch his back.

Partick Thistle said the police and the football authorities have now been informed Gordon Smith said any inquiry set up by the football authorities would have to consider three groups of people.

"Obviously there's people who were committing the offences," he said. "They are a disgrace and hopefully they're going to be found out legally and charged.

Two Celtic paedophiles convicted so far, with three more due in court.

"There's the kids who suffered from it who are now adults who obviously got great psychological and traumatic effects of it.

The kids, now traumatised adults, who deserve apologies and compensation from the vile perpetrators and the rancid organisations and individuals who covered for same.

"The third element is the people who maybe knew something about this going on and didn't do anything about it. Although they're maybe not legally culpable they're certainly morally culpable because they didn't do anything about it."

Jock Stein, Kevin Kelly, Jack McGinn and Billy McNeil to name but a few.

The SFA said it is not currently backing the idea of an independent inquiry but it may look at the proposal again after police have gathered evidence.

Say something quick, get on the phone to Peter for advice and hope this all goes away.


“The darkness associated with a club with a triumphant past just won't go way.”




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