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Covering Up the Cover Up

Written by: PHIL WHITE
Tuesday, 27th November 2018

On 6th February this year the following headline appeared in a national newspaper in relation to the alleged Celtic paedophile Gerald King:

"Former Celtic Boys Club chief appears in court charged with historic sex offences against primary school pupils"

Note the Celtic reference.

The article continued:

"A former chairman of Celtic Boys Club has appeared in court charged with historic sex offences ……… Former Celtic Boys Club chairman has been charged over sex abuse claims…….."

In addition the article contained an image of the Celtic Boys Club badge, which just happens to be almost identical to the badge of the parent organisation Celtic Football Club.


Yesterday the Evening Times ran a story in relation to the commencement of trial proceedings relating to the same person, Mr. Gerald King. The headline read thus:

"Trial of teacher accused of sexual abuse of pupils begins"

Nowhere in the headline or in the main body of the article was the word "Celtic" mentioned. The casual reader would never know that Mr. King worked for Celtic, or that some of the crimes he stands accused of were allegedly committed at Celtic F.C.'s training ground

How strange.

Celtic Football Club is no longer run by the original architects of the Celtic paedophilia Cover-Up Scandal. The Kelly's, the White's and the McGinn's of this world have departed the boardroom.

Running Celtic these days is the remit of Mr. Peter Lawwell, Mr. Dermot Desmond and Mr. Ian Bankier.

Celtic F.C. has not one ounce of morality. A Club Like No Other.

Some claim The Celtic paedophilia Cover-Up continues - with the help of a cowardly compliant media.




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