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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerard White
Monday, 11th February 2019

"As yet another Celtic Boys Club coach is jailed over abuse, it's time for a full investigation into who at Celtic knew what and when. There should be no hiding place for those who tolerate, facilitate or cover up abuse at any club" – spokesman survivors group The Offside Trust.

Allow me to help this admirable organisation with a start in deciding "who at Celtic knew what and when".

Former Celtic Chairman and Director Jack McGinn

"We arrived at Glasgow (airport) and went straight to the park (Celtic Park). Jack McGinn organised a meeting at 11am with (now convicted Celtic paedophile) Frank Cairney and a meeting with me at 2pm. At that meeting, he gave me a copy of Frank Cairney's resignation which said he had resigned because he had got promotion in his company and the pressure of work" (Daily Record and Sunday Mail 1996). 

Celtic Boys Club official Jim McNally reveals details of clandestine meetings at Celtic Park with Jack McGinn, following claims by a Celtic youth that Cairney had sexually molested him on a trip to USA in 1991. You'll note a story was fabricated by McGinn stating Cairney resigned due to "promotion in his company and the pressure of work". The police were never called in.

Former Celtic Manager Jock Stein and former Celtic Chairman Kevin Kelly

"JOCK Stein and the Celtic board covered up allegations made against Boys' Club founder Jim Torbett…..(Celtic Boys Club Chairman Hugh) Birt said: "There was a lot of hearsay and it wasn't until Jim (Torbett) came back that I got involved because things started up again. He told how he took the allegations against Torbett to the Celtic board and Stein and even told the then vice-chairman, Kevin Kelly, about them at a meeting in his car…..When I joined as (Boys Club) chairman, I was told by Jock Stein to keep the name of Celtic Football Club clean at all times." (Daily Record 11th July 1998). 

You'll notice Stein instructing Celtic Youth Chairman Hugh Birt to embark on a cover-up. Again no police were called.

Former Celtic Manager Lou Macari

In his autobiography "Football: My Life" former Celtic Manager Lou Macari stated:

"Within a month of my arrival one of the young players asked to see me in my office. He sat down and told me that he had had problems on a trip to North America with the youth team. One of the fellas in charge (Torbett) had made advances towards him. Clearly the kid was distressed about what had happened……My gut feeling was that the kid was speaking the truth……but there was no mechanism within the club or within my experience to deal with it. It emerged that years earlier Jock Stein knew all about Torbett and kicked him out of the club (Torbett was subsequently allowed to return). The wish to maintain the good name of Celtic, if that were ever a good enough reason, was the only thing that kept the issue from coming to light at that point".

Once again it is stated that Stein embarked on a cover-up. There was of course a "mechanism" to deal with it - at London Road police station, just a few hundred yards away from Celtic Park.

For the avoidance of doubt, many officials and employees at Celtic, from boardroom down, knew that Torbett and Cairney were molesting children. The welfare of these children was of little concern to them. All that mattered to those running the Club Like No Other was covering up what is now considered The Greatest Football Scandal of All Time.


by Philip Joseph Gerard White
by Philip Joseph Gerard White


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