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The Hypocrisy Of SNP And Hired Hands

Written by: Bomber Harris
Monday, 18th October 2021

The nail that has been hammered in again to one community last week, adds to the one-sided bigot driven agenda of the SNP, their compliant media and paid voices. 

What was last week's furore about? Another attack on a Rangers song. A song that's been around for years without a whisper of complaint. The haters have gone all out to add ‘4 Lads Had A Dream’ to the list of banned songs. Why? Because The Beach Boys Sloop John B tune can be sung to other words. So once again the hate of Rangers and our support exudes for singing a legitimate song to a legitimate tune on a club social media advert for the Clubs 150th anniversary strip. 

The attack is coordinated as soon as the advert was released straight in comes Dave Scott and his Nil By Mouth condemning the choice of tune. Little did the Beach Boys know they were writing a tune to be the subject of hate crime. No sooner was the proverbial ink dry on NbM's tweet and the pincer movement arrived all guns blazing. The 3rd rate footballer and 4th rate pundit Michael Stewart jumps in with the same attack followed on by Easterhouse's one and only Professor of bigotry, Jeanette Findlay. 

Let us look at NBM, a "charity" that is funded by grants from the Scottish Government.  In reality it's became an extension of unwritten Government policy to attack anything and everything of the community that will never vote SNP and at the same time remain deadly silent when the "other community" openly display hate towards Protestants,  English or Unionists.

How much do WE fund Dave Scott's NBM £92k?

NBM has been funded to well over £1m over the years from public funds. What has it delivered in the way of ending sectarianism? Not a lot but we've funded Dave's lifestyle in his plush Borders home. 

As for Professor Hate, once kicked out of Celtic for support of IRA murderers and never disciplined for supporting terrorists by Glasgow Uni. She has rebranded herself and is part of the Celtic Trust, a senior union official, the Head of "Call It Out" - an organisation that uses any excuse to attack Protestants, Rangers fans and Orangemen in the name of sticking up for Catholics.  The same Northern Ireland tactics employed by the IRA at the start of the troubles in the 60's. Findlay not only demands to be heard by the SNP's ministers but expects the Chief Constable to dance to her Irish jig and be on speed dial whenever she deems his intervention is needed. 

As for Michael Stewart the least said the better.

Back on track. So the haters want 4 Lads Had A Dream added to the list of banned chants and songs.

Just remember this lot had the Hokey Cokey banned for being anti Catholic.  

"Peter Kearney, a spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland, said: "This song does have quite disturbing origins. It was devised as an attack on, and a parody of, the Mass. If there are moves to restore its more malevolent meaning then consideration should perhaps be given to its wider use."

"SNP MSP Michael Matheson urged police to "take the appropriate action" against those using it to taunt Catholics."

If only Kearney, Matheson and the 3 amigos were as vocal with calling out anti Protestant hate that's sung at Celtic Park every week.

The hate that runs so deep saw the SNP's civil servants run to Nil by Mouth after being approached by an organisation that wanted to light up public buildings Orange to highlight the campaign to stop violence against women. What was their concern? The colour Orange may be seen as sectarian! Yes we have a sectarian colour it seems. This is demonising of a colour by the so-called tolerant Government with a Scotland for all cultures.



To put that in perspective there was no Government led intervention when the Clyde Auditorium (armadillo) was lit up green for that very Irish event, St Patrick's Day. 

The subliminal message is Orange bad, Green good. Remember the outcry when Rangers release an Orange strip. Maybe the Scottish Government should get Dave Scott, Jeanette Findlay and Michael Stewart to vet future Rangers strips and songs.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out the agenda of hate being whipped up. To an outsider they would think every member of the Orange order or Rangers fan is a baying Catholic hater and supporter of Loyalist terror groups. In reality the opposite is the truth. But they don't let the truth get in the way of their lies!


by By Phillip Joseph Gerard Gillivan
by We must be bolder


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