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Whataboutery - The Desperate Deflection

Written by: Nineteen Seventy-Two
Tuesday, 24th February 2015

Two of VB’s esteemed writers have already written about Stan Collymore, and his recent attention seeking rants about all things Rangers.

At this juncture I would be inclined to focus on issues within the club, rather than with bitter people that hate the club, and make it their business to sully our reputation, however, I have always believed that the job of rebuilding the club is not just a financial one.

Our club is still vulnerable, and it isn’t just from incompetent directors and their predecessors.

Sadly, while our attentions are rightly focused on the immediate task of restoring trust in the boardroom, via wholesale change of that board, we cannot ignore any longer what is waiting for us as we prepare for life back in the top division.

Many of those who delighted in trying to kill the club are still around, and still trying every trick in the book to make our brand toxic to investors and sponsors who could pull us out of the financial hole that the club is in. During these last three years they have continued to lobby against the club, using useful and willing idiots and journalists along the way.

In using Collymore, the intention to damage Rangers reputation has backfired, as he is tainted and reviled in most quarters across the UK.

He is not alone however, and it is noted that he appears to be acting in concert with Phil “tarred with a sectarian brush” MacGiollabhain.

Yesterday he was joined in his campaign to sully the Rangers support by the Observer’s Daniel Taylor.
While the Observer may rank near the bottom of UK Newspaper circulation, it is still unacceptable for an English newspaper hack to slate our support to 200,000+ readers, albeit many of them won’t read the sports pages.

You probably don’t know this, as it wasn’t all over forums or social media, but Taylor attacked the Rangers songbook; attacked the “whataboutery” of Rangers fans who have questioned the lack of attention across the city, and still found time to drop in a zombie reference.

His defence of Collymore appears to stem from his long held support of Nottingham Forest, where Collymore made his name.

The rest of his attack on Rangers appears strangely familiar, almost like he knocked on Roy Greenslade’s door for advice before launching in to his Anti Rangers rant, however, his affiliation to Show Racism the Red Card, alongside a few Rangers haters may well explain the chip on his shoulder.

Let me make this absolutely clear, this “whataboutery” accusation is fundamentally wrong.

Years after the Rangers support stopped singing The Billy Boys, after a sustained campaign by our enemies to silence our support, and despite the introduction of a law introduced to punish perpetrators of "sectarianism" and “offensive behaviour” the conduct of the Celtic support has, if anything, got worse.

Frankly, I believe the sheer hypocrisy of any football supporter being outraged by The Billy Boys, while singing support of IRA Child Killers, or glossing over such venom to attack Rangers, is beneath contempt.

At the recent Old Firm game, while Rangers fans sang about fighting Irish Republican terrorists, the Celtic support were indulging in ditties supporting the IRA, and indulging in songs calling Rangers fans “Orange Bastards”.

This is fact, and Taylor failing to express the same level of anger at the Celtic support as he has done at the Rangers support displays a lack of objectivity, and damages his own credibility.

The zombie reference that he thought was so clever actually demonstrates a lack of self-control, and serves as a slip up showing that this is no journalist airing a genuine grievance, but that he, like many before him, is simply consumed with hatred for Rangers.

Some normally sensible people seem to lose all sense and reason when it comes to Rangers, and I would suggest that those who find themselves regularly consumed by this condition, should take a step back and ask themselves if all the effort and anger is worth it. Is being easily categorised as an anti Rangers hypocritical bigot worth it?

It’s certainly their call, but not one that will be ignored, no matter how bad a state our club is in.


by D'Artagnan
by kw14ultra


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