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One Way Street

Written by: albertz
Thursday, 10th March 2016

So there we have what we all knew from day one of this Offensive Behaviour and Communications Act nonsense. If you are a Protestant Unionist Loyalist you are under the watchful eyes of the Law for sectarianism. On the other hand if you are a Catholic, Republican Nationalist you can refer to people in any manner you wish.  

This sectarian bigot decided to call people Dirty Orange Inbred Monkey Bastards and told the court it was banter. So I now ask Frank Mulholland, amateur law maker and Celtic season ticket holder if he has any objections to me referring to him as a Dirty Fenian Bastard and of course adding that it's only banter.


The judge, in this case decided that there was insufficient evidence to prove this bigot had wrote what she did. Quote "It was intended as a bit of banter amongst friends, I never thought it would be seen publicly" ...Aye okay and Sheriff Young decided that was enough to acquit her. Absolutely unbelievable! Yet there are young fans going to court for singing a few songs about the YCV of 1916 where another member of the "lets make the law up as we go brigade" decided that the YCV is a proscribed terrorist group.....which of course it is not. This same Sheriff has a history of not dealing with sectarianism equally............http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/celtic-fan-fined-offensive-chant-2409616#o48ElJ1HgoqVwBZx.97

This is the type of vile comment posted on social media every day. Comments aimed at Protestant Unionists and of course people perceived to be Rangers fans.  Yet you return the serve to a Catholic or someone perceived to be such or an Irishman (no laughing at the back) and within hours you are up on a charge of Anti Catholic Anti Irish sectarianism. Apparently telling someone from Ireland to go home is racist (Irish is not a race by the way)  while telling someone from Germany to do the same is acceptable. In Scotland you can refer to a football supporter as an ARAB bastard and that is fine. In Scotland you can refer to a football supporter as a HUN bastard and that too is fine. God forbid if you refer to a football supporter as a fenian bastard though, you are in serious trouble.

This young girl admitted openly to Police Scotland that she said what she did. Police then charged her with sectarian offence under the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012.  This went to the PF office who allowed court action. Then when it arrives in court it is deemed acceptable by an inept sheriff who decided there was no proof of her "intent" to offend anyone. There appears to be a two tier judicial system in Scotland, one for one community and one for the other. For example a Rangers fan singing the Billy Boys resulted in a four month jail term. Another person referring to Angela Haggerty as "Taig of the day" resulted in a six month jail term. Celtic fans assaulted Police officers resulted in community hours  and Tuesday's verdict where a person calls Rangers fans "Dirty Orange Inbred Monkey Bastards" walks free.....tell me there is not an agenda at work here. 


"Keeping quiet on Facebook today as my choice of words could be rather offensive to the unfortunate members of species who pull on a blue shirt this morning.

Police Scotland are trying to do the job of curtailing sectarianism. They were given the tools to do the job by the Scottish Government and Copfs. The only problem now though is it appears that the PF office are making mistake after mistake  or a total balls up if you prefer. They are throwing cases out left right and centre  because there is no evidence someone  typed a comment. Easy way out is " I did not type that comment, there are five other people living here and any one of them can use the computer" This whole legislation is completely riddled with errors. There would be a lot more getting charged and sentenced if the "rules" covered all communities rather than The One Way Street system we have in place at present.




by albertz
by Admin


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