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Written by: Nineteen Seventy-Two
Monday, 6th January 2014

As one sterling blogger (footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com) continues to expose the questionable relationship between Celtic Football Club, the Co-Op bank, and the Labour controlled Glasgow City Council, the mainstream media have been mute on the subject.

The kind of information that this blog is exposing is worthy of front page coverage in every national newspaper in Scotland.

Without wishing to steal its thunder it is worth pointing you in the direction of the site, in order for you to see the blogs, which highlight a very cosy relationship between GCC, Celtic and the Co-Op, with some of the recent activity between the three parties put under scrutiny.

What you will see there in detail, are preferential rate loans, and some excellent analysis of some of the questionable land deals between Celtic and Glasgow City Council.

Of course, the relationship between Celtic and Glasgow City Council has been a questionable one for a very long time, and the troubles at Ibrox and also within the Rangers support have distracted many from seeing what is going on under our noses.

It still rankles that this year will see Parkhead benefit from the GCC driven Commonwealth games "investment in the East End", which has for many, been a convenient vehicle to enhance the surroundings of Celtic Park, and Celtic’s stadium, and something that has been in Glasgow City Council’s planning for many years.

With Celtic Park being chosen for the Opening ceremony, where the Queen will sit within the centre of Irish Republicanism in Scotland where she is detested, it won’t be lost on many that hosting the Commonwealth Games is simply a convenient side show to GCCs objective of making Celtic Park a better place to be, and a far more attractive investment.

One of the transactions that the footballtaxhavens blog details is that of the sale of the former London Road Primary to Celtic, which has faced almost no opposition, given that the council closed the school several years ago, after knocking down all the flats that housed the families who used the school.

Hey presto, Celtic now get the building they have coveted for 30 years, and GCC get the land to build the Emirates arena, and for good measure, the area is ethnically cleansed of Protestants. Top work all round I’m sure you’ll agree.

Don’t expect to see any of this in the newspapers that saturated their front pages with rage for months about Rangers’ tax arrangements under the David Murray regime.

All these campaigning journalists have suddenly gone quiet.

Also don’t expect to see any of Scotland’s tabloids or broadsheets question why the Bank of Scotland bullied Rangers for several years over their debt to the bank, with the role of Donald Muir in the sale of Rangers to Craig Whyte still never addressed satisfactorily.

Meanwhile, the same bank has written off £12.2M of debt to former Dunfermline chief Gavin Masterton, who just happens to be the former chairman of the Bank of Scotland when they were handing out various loans to Rangers.

With HMRC dealing favourably with both Dunfermline and Hearts, while pursuing Rangers for every last penny they perceive they are "owed", the media are again silent, and sadly the Rangers support are too.

Yes, we have our own troubles to seek, but some in the support will need to take their eyes away from Ibrox and focus elsewhere, if Rangers are to have any chance of a level playing field in the years to come.

That applies to several high profile journalists too, who have been excellent in their coverage of the boardroom shenanigans, but silent on the manoeuvres across the country to favour Celtic and other SPL sides, while inflicting as much damage on Rangers as humanly possible.

Thankfully there are already some very persistent individuals on the case of HMRC, and the BBC for their reporting of Rangers, but more of us need to commit time to subjects that most definitely impact Rangers for the long term.


by The Ref
by The Ref


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