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It's a Conspiracy!

Written by: Nineteen-SeventyTwo
Wednesday, 22nd June 2016

With UEFA finally putting the Resolution 12 claims to bed, in a fairly dismissive manner that they wouldn’t even entertain “investigating” the claims from across the city, one wonders what our detractors will try next to damage the club.

Personally, I would have preferred the humiliation of UEFA comprehensively taking apart the resolution 12 comments as Twitter’s @jas72boyd has done over on Rangers Media (as TheLawman), but I have to say that the disdain and unwillingness to waste time and resources on it by UEFA is almost as satisfactory.

For those still living in a land of doubt I would suggest you take a visit over to Rangers Media and see how misguided this whole campaign has been.



The whole campaign has been comical from start to finish, with the claim itself baseless, then UEFA’s governance indicating that the vast majority of clubs who DID breach the rules were issued licences.

To add insult to injury, the submission by Celtic supporters of the Resolution 12 advert to the Swiss newspaper in English and the Guardian in French just seemed to prove beyond all doubt that those responsible shouldn’t be trusted with a TV remote, never mind anything remotely important.

Never understanding when to give up, the lunatics have since turned on Celtic supporting republican (and friend of Phil White/Gillivan) Roy Greenslade, with a volley of abuse after he highlighted the reasons why the Guardian wouldn’t print the advert. They then abused long standing sympathetic journalist Grant Russell for not getting the answers they wanted from UEFA.

It should be noted that Celtic Quick News, the site that actually writes and campaigns about Rangers, actually paid two different organisations to produce an “independent” report about Resolution 12 to try and give it credibility. As is the way of these things, they have now damaged the credibility of both groups as well as themselves. I hope the payment was worth it for “the offshore game”.

So, with a rather alarming tagline of “persistence beats resistance”, the individuals, groups and funders behind this campaign will need to find something else to use to attempt to damage the club. For what it’s worth, I have no doubts that they will indeed persist, as that’s what some of them devote their full time attention to.

So, while normal people wake up this morning, and attend to their family, or go to work, others will be plotting their next move to try and bring about the downfall of a football club they hate.

The more rational amongst the Celtic support must be weary of their acquaintances devoting so much energy on Rangers, while their own Chairman pockets a million pounds a year while downsizing the footballing operation.

They must be weary that spending energy on growing their own club in an ethical and planned manner is so low on the priority list that opportunities are being lost.

Perhaps they will only wake up to this, when Rangers reclaim our title.

Perhaps not.


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by Admin


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