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Dionysos Degeneracy - The Latest Thing Part II

Written by: WeMustBeBolder
Thursday, 12th October 2023

At the end of the play The Bacchae, Cadmus asks his daughter Agave, "What do you see?" Agave is sitting with the severed head of her son Pentheus in her lap. Pentheus the King of Thebes has been torn limb from limb by the women of Thebes as they danced a sordid worship ritual to the Asiatic god Dionysos. Still drunk on moral superiority and the sordid dance of worship that led to the King's death, Agave answers "it's a lion's head, a trophy for the palace." 
At this point Cadmus asks her to look again and look more closely. The spell is wearing off and Agave recognises what she has done. She answers "I see horror. I see suffering. I see grief." 
"Does it still look like a lion?" Cadmus asks. 
"No. Pentheus. I'm holding his head." she answers. 
"You were mad, the city was possessed by Dionysos." replies Cadmus. 
At this point the sheer horror of consequences strikes Agave. "I see now, Dionysos has destroyed us". 

Welcome to the new 'Latest Thing'. It arrived as all things do these days by social media first and was sent to me by a fellow VB thereafter. 


The first thing to happen was the soulless, slippery and sinful unfurled a banner supporting a barbaric terrorist atrocity, the likes of which we haven't witnessed in scale and audacity since 9-11, it really was that bad. Strictly speaking the latest thing isn't really the latest thing. It's been going on for decades. It just takes a shape shifting form that allows this inbred group to morph into some perverse movement. 
The chip which is used to programme these bheasts has been hotwired yet again by their version of the woke culture wars - The Green Brigade are the influencers at the piggery. Everybody it seems has to have their own unique take on the attack. The banner flyers are supporting and advocating depravity that should have been consigned to history and an ancient biblical one at that. First comes sexual humiliation. followed by violation with a demise that involves dehumanisation of innocent women and children at the hands of terrorists - and the Green Brigade are first to support such acts. 
This isn't new of course coming from the cesspit of Parkhead. We've witnessed it before in many guises, this is just the latest one. The tragic irony is that Celtic FC naturally label themselves as the 'left', the woke, the Antifa of football if you will. There have been no greater victims recently than innocent Isrealis going about their day and being murdered, shot, wounded, kidnapped and sexually abused to the pleasure it seems of the Green Brigade. 
This is the latest version of the Green Brigade that glorified the murders of British civilians and military personnel. It's just that the geography, timeline and technology has changed. We do not have to dwell long on the scenario of what the images would have been like, shared by the Green Brigade of mutilated and murdered British people had this latest technology been available just a few years ago. To see a banner celebrating the half naked bodies of women being dragged out of car boots, murdered and stomped and spat on by the Green Brigade is a nadir of empathy and compassion that I thought unattainable by another human being regardless of the groups involved. The very people who the Green Brigade claim to represent, the oppressed, the victims, the left, Antifa - whomever are the very people (and themselves) consumed by vengeful hate and bloodlust. 
Yet again we have to endure this disease that seeps through Scottish society as they cheer for cruel, violent, unnecessary and premature death. I cannot fathom these people, I cannot conceivably share the same city as these people. I say that as the only sane and Christian way to respond to such a primordial stench that emanates from Bheast FC. What would actually appease these psychopaths? Well, the quick and truthful answer is - nothing!
The latest thing now to emerge from Bheast FC is the moniker - Celts Against Anti-Semitism. The metastasization is now complete. Bheast FC have truly regressed to Dionysious degeneracy. They now wish to control both sides of war. They wish to be both Jewish and Arab terrorist. Much the same way they wished to be one club since 1888 but a separate entity from its fledglings that they abused. As they wallowed in the glory and success of Celtic Boys Club, they erased its very existence by executing the tabula rasa treatment and augmenting reality and truth (as they always conspire to do) to the latest thing - St Patricks Boys Club. 
Alluding to my opening about The Bacchae, Dionysos destroyed Thebes with deceit, evil and a denial of reality. And just as Dionysos destroyed Thebes, so too do the Green Brigade continue to try and destroy anything remotely decent and humane in Glasgow and by extension in Scotland. The Green Brigade have demonstrably proven again, they are the next latest thing.


by We Must Be Bolder


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