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Ghosts In The Architecture

Written by: We Must Be Bolder
Tuesday, 19th March 2024

"Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that's where it's really at" - Bill Ayres, friend of Barack Obama and partners together at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Institute.

The well spring of most if not all cultural nihilism is cowardice, ignorance and acquiescence beyond ancestral reality. This leads to a straining of relations if not a complete severing. This latest policy to bend to minorities attending Ibrox demonstrates a detached mindset of the Board. I am referring to the infrastructure put in place to facilitate Ramadan for our very small number of Muslims who attend Ibrox. I'm not being inflammatory here, I didn't think we would do such a thing. The cultural wedge placed between the Board and the support runs risk of becoming a vacuum. This act can only be described as masturbatory relief from the Board as they seek to deliver obedience from the significant position that they hold at Ibrox. If the very small Muslim support can rely on the unwavering support of the board (and credit to them for securing it, I'd like some negotiating tips), why can't we? We shall return to this later. 

What ideal is this capitulation wedded to? Make no mistake, this is for nothing other than self concern on the part of the Board to give the air of some noble and righteous provision. This is the first generation of Board members to demonstrably take our support and that of our culture within Ibrox for granted. We've had some poor Board members in recent years, this is a nadir I thought I'd never witness. We must make a distinction here between the culture and atavistic nature of Rangers FC and Ibrox versus the liberal elites who currently run the show. Our history (in excess of 150 years) is at risk of being airbrushed and rewritten. 

We have well and truly succeeded in the era of pandering to everyone except the core support at Ibrox which makes up by far the vast majority. This Club, Our Club was founded on the simplest of principles by four young men of Protestant Christian stock and none of the grounding of the Club included an alien religion. We are being decapitated from the proximate in our midst. We may be physically rooted and many of us are spiritually and religiously rooted as we always have done, but we are not allowed to be anymore. Cultural reference points, if they are gone (Ibrox is one of them) what awaits us? This is another example of the erosion of our culture. When were we ever asked about the deep connection we have with Rangers FC, Protestantism and Christianity being denied us?
We are not allowed to have natural organic identities anymore and our very own Board are ensuring this is perpetuated at our home. The homogenous group-think blocks are just not tolerated anymore. Ibrox has been prised open to embrace (against Our will) the egregious ideology of progressivism and all the exploitation that comes along with that - I have no idea how to define this aberration but I know it when I see it. If you are a bit confused about my vague manner in relation to this, I fully understand. Ask a 'progressive' what a woman is. I rest my case. This is all wrapped up with the equalities act from 2010 and individual freedoms. It's a tidy little package designed to melt your brain and infuriate Us and make it very difficult to articulate resistance because of course, we are all equal, unless you happen to be white, male, heterosexual, Protestant, working class and give a fuck about about Faith, Family & Flag - then you are not equal. 
The progressives are given a free ride and romanticised in a way. That's what happens when you have the entire corporate media world and elites sanitising an ideology that suits their agenda and making it sound in such a way, that to resist it is an act akin to dropping babies off bridges, or is a monstrous betrayal and denial of social harmony. This is an act rendering Our core support unfit for our traditional purpose by dilution of our heritage which suits the progressive elites and lapped up by our Board. Progressives are anti-history, they hate the proximate and the naturally occurring. The conceit of the Board to adopt this policy as if we have to rediscover ourselves post the founding fathers and Four Lads Had A Dream is a sin on their souls. What we have at Ibrox now is that which is rooted in a place and a time and fistful of soil in your hand versus that which is a wet dream of a faceless elite banker or managerial politician completely detached from your sphere but capable of delivering wicked harm.  
This is not only at the micro level of what is at stake on Edmiston Drive. Antonio Gramsci back in the 1930's started this ideology on its way by advocating the capture of universities and it's proved correct. Many have fallen. It starts small and every inch given is never enough and before you realise, that line in the sand you drew, is a mile in front of you in the distance as you take step after step back capitulating to progressive ideology. This is their MO. Take any concession and go back again, again and again. This is what is happening at Ibrox. If Ibrox is captured, it's game over - no pun intended. If we continue to violate the natural order of our own bricks and mortar and culture as has happened in many other institutions we will never get it back. This is part of a puerile malaise that is metastasizing throughout the West. We have created a spiritual wasteland and we can now judge the tree by its fruits and it is utterly degenerate. Why are we erecting altars to progress within Ibrox? 
All for the amoral high ground of being on the 'right side' of history? The egalitarians and Marxists have procreated and delivered us a whore of a child and that child rules us now. Any semblance of natural law and of a culture and religion that predates the French revolution is their enemy and they will actively seek us out to destroy us. To reiterate, if anyone thinks this is hyperbole, just look at the last 10 years. Once regarded as a far right mantra - the great replacement - is now mainstream. This is a soft cultural revolution, this is a gentle version because they don't have the stomach for anything else and the demoralisation of a culture is much more palatable. In the microcosm of Ibrox the global rules apply. The majority can never rule. We are the mass that must be controlled traditionally with serfdom and currently with thought crime. We must always be the object of power, never the subject. The majority (just like Us) are seen as impediments by the elite, for them we are rooted to a place and parochialism, our culture are ultimately obstacles to be removed for their progressive agenda, be it via eroding our culture at the very place in which we celebrate it or by open borders. They control both. It's both micro via appeasement in relation to Ramandan or macro via mass migration - they don't care if it is 'legal' or illegal. We have been stressed and agitated again by the elites who psychologically harm us and manipulate us at the expense of our reasonableness. The decency inherent in high trust Western societies is used against us. Examples being Sweden and the analogy of the line in the sand from earlier in this piece. 
The Board have delegitimised the essence of the Club by taking us on a path to being a nondescript sports club that has no agency or veto in anything it does. As with modern elites, they will never ask the majority of their cohort because they fear the answer they will get. The majority isn't silent, it is simply blocked from voicing any meaningful opposition. We are the ones who literally built the Club yet we do not have any patronage or leverage within the Club to air the issues and concerns that are important to Us. 
If you come from the West of Scotland and are blessed to be born a Rangers supporter you have an understanding of what the Club should be. The perception with the Board is that they will implement whatever they see fit regardless of the implications for the long term culture of the Club. They have effectively taken a stance and pulled the ladder up. What we are witnessing (and it is not hyperbole for the examples referenced earlier) is the slow and very painful unravelling of the Club we adore. 
Up until a few years ago Rangers FC not only allowed but supported the use of Ibrox to champion Christian services and be demonstrable advocates for Protestantism and Unionism in Scotland and for the wider United Kingdom. If we are all now under the umbrella of 'Everyone Anyone' my legitimate question is - when will this tradition return? 
To bastardise a quote from Denis Diderot, 'the progressive and woke will never be truly happy until the last white, heterosexual, Protestant, Occidental male is hanged with the entrails of his own children'. These are the people we are dealing with and Our Board as with so many other institutions have willingly or naively committed to following in the name of an ideological lie. Isn't conserving the foundations laid by William McBeath, Peter Campbell and brothers Moses and Peter McNeil and Tom Vallance worth preserving over everything that this progressive (transgressive) world has to offer? We must rebuke what is being imposed upon us rather than embracing any slight notion from degenerate left wing and woke ideologues with a fervour and staunchness that we as a support wish the Board would retain for our Culture. The Founders are simply ghosts in the architecture. 
I'll end in prophetic irony. 'Islam' literally translates as 'submission', it's their motto I suppose you could call it and that of our Board and modern western society. 
Ours is No Surrender. 


by We Must Be Bolder


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