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Legal Defence Fund Total

Written by: Admin
Friday, 21st October 2016

In the interests of transparency we can confirm that a total of £7475.99 was raised for the benefit of the Legal Defence Fund.

This is broken down as follows:

* £500 - Barrington RSC.

* £1218.77 - Polo Shirts sold by VB.

* £5757.22 - Crowdfunding (£6110.02 was raised but their 5% fee & card processing charges of 1.3% credit card, 17p debit card were deducted = £352.80). Note: This includes the £1690 from the Holepark fundraiser.

A number of affected supporters have been in touch - to date, one fan has had his lawyers fees reimbursed.

VB Admin offer a sincere thank you to everyone who made a contribution towards the fund. The Rangers family looks after its own.


by John McCrae
by Armanithin


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