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Demonisation Of Rangers' Support Continues

Written by: Armanithin
Friday, 4th November 2016

Whilst like many bears who have been through many of the highs and lows of football following our team, I am stunned even to this day at how low, how sneaky and how downright vile the folk who despise our club are willing to go to publically attack, safe in the knowledge they can do so with utter impunity.

I won’t even go into our pathetic soft underbelly of a support who loathe and despise both our history and culture, BUT more disappointingly, their own fellow supporters who do not conform to their new age diluted values. Message to them. You won’t win. Leave and go and pontificate somewhere else.

I am relatively calm and suitably wearied by the constant attacks to be surprised…..or so I thought.

I give you “know your place hun scum” This has been held up by the authorities as being non offensive. Based on what? Based on whose opinion? Have you ever heard anything so stupidly gratuitous and offensive?

I don’t intend to clumsily make comparisons to words that were for many years accepted “socially” but are now rightly demonised and completely removed from decent conversation. Nor am I even going to listen one iota of “whatabouterry” claiming one side is as bad as another. That’s a cowards charter. That’s a cop out. That’s a sneaky myopic cop out and deserves nothing but our scorn.

Would those on the receiving end of “chinky” “paki” “nigger” or any other vile attacks accept them and be TOLD that they should accept them? I won’t even speak of the cowards, those low down dogs, those corrupt, mealy mouthed sneering cowards, who pretend to act impartially as journalists and social commentators and their cowardice when “opining” about this subject.

I won’t even speak of the simian, bigoted, sectarian, hate-mongering terrorist-supporting, anti-semitic scum who follow another Glasgow football team as they at least do not hide their utter hatred for Rangers and our culture. I will give them that.

I challenge the Police, the Courts, the Historians, the Teachers, the Politicians. I demand that they stand up, look at the social context of the constant demonisation of the Rangers support and challenge ONE, just ONE of them to stand up and be counted. Explain to me and my fellow supporters why Rangers haters have DECIDED FOR ME, that “hun” is not offensive and that because the people using the slur have the right to decide what we as Protestants and Rangers fans should be offended by?

Context dear boy, context.

This was said to be many years ago by a learned Bear. Clearly the cowards who decide that “hun” is not offensive have forgotten about one of the most basic principles when discussing this matter. There are literally dozens of photographs from the streets of Belfast, using the words “Kill all Huns” The provisional killers make no bones about it when they say that “hun” means Protestant. Why when our chattering middle classes bemoan the cross over of the “hatred” from “over the water” are they SO willing to turn a cowards blind eye to even this most basic, this most primal, this most low, vile and chilling fact. Hun, in context, was, is and will continued to be used by those who celebrate in their hatred and ultimately death of all things and people British.

And here is yet another of those absolutely baffling and skewed quirks of this “modern” Scotland. This coward’s country, this country run by those who actively embrace the lowest of the low all in the pursuit of political expediency. What other country could decide that the word “fenian” was illegal, immoral and sectarian or otherwise, and yet decide, without asking the victims or those on the receiving end that “hun” was NOT offensive? And in what befuddled, immoral, politically sinister and pathetic in the extreme society, could one set of people use the word “fenian” to celebrate themselves but the other NEVER use the word “hun” to describe themselves? Paddy McCourt's “fenian” army anyone? But that is not what this is about. That is where we as a support, as a support who prize honour and virtue above much are falling down. WE have allowed this myopic language lynching to be fought on their terms not ours.

Even if the argument could be made, (which it clearly hasn’t been) by those who use the word rather than those at whom the word is directed, that “hun” is not offensive, then where is the parity when in context? We have allowed the fact that those who hate Protestants, and have sucked in the nominal and out and out Rangers haters into this nonsense.
I ask this
Is “hun scum” offensive?
Is “Kill all huns” offensive?
Is “fucking Orange hun scum” offensive?
Look on social media and you will see the word used and every single time it is designed as hate speech. This is not banter. It never has been and as far as I and huge numbers of Protestants are concerned it never will be. The hate and vitriol is at unprecedented levels. It is being encouraged and nurtured by cowards.

One example is this “gentleman” Mark Brennan, the brave IRA supporter and gun toting “hero” who delighted us all in celebrating the bottling of an eleven-year-old Rangers fan at the recent League Cup Semi-final. “Hun” used in banter would you say? Of course not. The dogs in the street know what’s going on here.

The only “huns” were Germans during the wars who I am proud to say were fought by my and many other Rangers fans or otherwise forefathers. My grandfather and ALL his decent Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish brothers and sisters were never a “hun”. They fought the “hun”. We never were and never will be a downtrodden religion nor support.

And here’s the thing, the years have seen more and more demonising of the support. More and more “acceptance” of what is clearly hate speech in the main stream. Let me ask one thing. If those who for years have told anyone who listens that “hun” is offensive and point to the context decide to fight back, what difference do you think it will make? We have been and are vilified constantly. Lied about by leading newspapers who misrepresent the truth and even when it’s proven grudgingly give then withdraw apologies. What is there to lose for those being constantly insulted? Bad headlines? Lies, outrage and faux sternness? We have that today so what difference does it make to us? Don’t make the mistake of thinking a tiger being grabbed by the tail won’t react.


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