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The FA And The SFA Should Hang Their Heads In Shame

Written by: WMBB
Friday, 25th November 2016

The FA was challenged in 1997 by Deborah Davies the Channel 4 Dispatches reporter. She approached the FA and had the door shut in her face. This is explained in the link below for the radio 4 programme World at One.


The silence of the FA is disturbing and is of its time. Twenty one years ago large organisations could deflect and dodge questions levelled at them by nosy reporters.

Deborah Davies was also interviewed by TalkSport in relation to the abuse that took place at Crewe FC. When she was asked to expand on her report back in the late nineties she mentioned the incident with the FA and that there was also an 'issue' with other clubs, one of which she names as Celtic FC. You can clearly hear this in the link below.


The FA are not alone in ignoring questions about topics they don't want to know about. The Scottish FA and the Scottish Premier League have also dodged this issue when questioned about the cover up of child abuse at Celtic FC.

If there is any credit, and it's minuscule at best, it is the response from the FA at the latest shameful case of child abuse raised by the victims of the predatory abuser Barry Bennell. This monster abused Andy Woodward and due to his strength of taking the decision to share his most inner thoughts and memories more players, young men, came forward. Paul Stewart, David White and Steve Walters.

The FA have written to 30,000 clubs asking for their procedures in dealing with children, they are supporting the investigation and speaking with the media. They have also listed the help and support of NSPCC. The charity claims they received 50 calls in the first day of the phone line become available. A volume they did not expect in terms of more much more than anticipated.

The cynic in me suggests that in the post Savile era the FA simply had no choice. The world has changed and the response of the FA now couldn't be further from the arrogant dismissal from a few years ago. Simply put football associations who do not address the child abuse that took place at their member clubs are no longer in a position to hide behind FIFA and articles stating that member countries can't be influenced by third parties.

Admin has my signed letters from the SFA, Scottish Football League and the Scottish Premier League. The SFA administrator who wrote to me via my MP dodged the point I raised that the SFA should carry out a root and branch review of Celtic FC and their care package relating to caring for children given the abuse carried out by Jim Torbett and subsequent covered up by Celtic FC. Indeed I asked for an enquiry into what took place. The response was clear. Don't ask difficult questions.

The SFA have no hiding place anymore. They must be put under such pressure as to ensure the welfare of children outweighs their lust for membership of FIFA. This terrible story which is growing by the day will have the SFA in a collective state of handwringing. They will now be judged on their next move. The FA in England have had no choice, the SFA have no choice now either.

It seems absolutely incredulous that Jim Torbett only abused a small amount of boys at Celtic FC. Given that his first crime was reportedly around 1974 and he was convicted in 1998 it seems ludicrous that more victims should remain silent given the brave decision by recent young men at football clubs have come forward.

Additionally we hear time and time again from the support of Celtic FC that it was one guy in isolation and that you shouldn't judge the whole club based on that of a rogue predatory coach. I've never heard such rubbish. Celtic FC are accountable for the abuse that they decided to cover up. They are responsible for child welfare and they failed miserably and yet have the arrogance to continue this fallacy.

If anyone is in any doubt about who is responsible then listen to the truly moving interview with Steve Walters in the link below. He clearly wants the club to held accountable for a childhood that he was robbed of and a life of insecurity.


For Celtic FC and the SFA there is no longer a hiding place post Savile and I truly hope and expect that they are about to find that out.


by Armanithin
by General Schomberg


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