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Joe O'Rourke, Chris Sutton And Perfume

Written by: John McCrae
Wednesday, 9th August 2017

An advertising campaign states: Obsession is a lovely deep, sexy and sensual scent by Calvin Klein. Launched in 1985, this scent epitomises relaxed glamour and sexuality. The main theme of this assured, sexual perfume is amber. This dominant note is surrounded by woods, orientals and fruits.

My personal definition is that Obsession is a terrible trait of Celtic supporters. Launched in 1888, this trait epitomises bitterness and hatred. The main theme of this trait is inadequacy. This inferiority is surrounded by possessing fewer titles and fewer trophies.

Before this morning, I hadn't heard of Ross McArthur. I'd be surprised if any football fan, other than those who follow Dunfermline would have. Now, he finds himself unwillingly thrust into the media spotlight. Mr McArthur, for those who don't read sports headlines, is the Chairman of Dunfermline Athletic.

His erudite, brief statement sums up what most people in the game want. And that is closure, 'Bridge-rebuilding', to use his own words.

The response to a fan 'forwarded to the governing body' touched on Dunfermline's administration in 2013 and the reason they decided not to comment publicly on the Supreme Court ruling. Much speculation suggests the fan may well be none other than Joe O'Rourke, the General Secretary of the Celtic Supporters Association. Joe, more commonly known as the 'Secure Inmate', recently wrote to Stewart Regan at the SFA demanding more punishment be meted out to Rangers. Wordsmith Joe started his letter with 'I read you statement this morning regarding the decision by the Supreme Court to deny the appeal by Rangers 2012 in regards to the 'Big Tax Case' it came as no surprise that you once again are guilty of dereliction of duty, you have become a boil on the backside of Scottish Football.'

More of Joe's rants:
'Once again we will have a minutes silence, I have no problem with people paying their respect to those who needlessly lost their lives in the Ibrox Disaster, but I am suspicious of the motive behind it, why hasn't Sevco officially announced the Minutes Silence? Are they hoping to catch the Celtic Support out?'

'When Whyte and Green eventually appear in the dock can we expect to see Sir Moonbeams, King, and Regan in beside them? Sevco could not have progressed without the sanction of the SFA by agreeing to grant them a license to operate.'

'I don't like talking about Green, but when we are talking about shady dealing, then his name certainly springs to mind. This is the guy who openly admitted lying to Craig Whyte in order to take over Old Rangers, so what has he been promising Gilmour, and maybe some of the other SPL Chairmen.'

"Why should Celtic suffer for the sins of another club which is now dead? Celtic and other teams are going to lose revenue because people in power failed to act. Some Celtic fans won't renew their season ticket if a newco is allowed into the SPL.'

'So Kilmarnock chairman Michael Johnson thinks that Rangers being kept in the SPL is more important than sporting integrity, well he better be prepared for doing without the Celtic support, because I'm certain the Celtic support will bhoycott Rugby Park next season. Johnson has been the driving force behind the gang of ten's new proposals for changing the rules in the SPL, I'm not surprised he backs a Rangers Newco getting an easy ride back into the SPL, and he won't be alone, there will be a few chairmen thinking the same way. I have written to Neil Doncaster regarding comments attributed to him, I have also made him aware that we would have a problem supporting a league that doesn't uphold sporting integrity, i am almost certain that if a Rangers Newco is not treated appropriately, the Celtic support will take the appropriate action.'

"aye while the prods were building the Titanic all the Catholics were building an iceberg." O'Rourke then stated, "brilliant, the only problem is, the ones that built it didn't sail on it."

Mr McArthur's statement has also prompted further discussion about the Pars' visit to Ibrox in 2003 under Jimmy Calderwood which saw them thrashed 6-1 as Alex McLeish's Rangers clinched the title. Many will remember the disgraceful outburst by Celtic's Chris Sutton after the game where he stated, "We discussed it last night and we knew they would lie down." The Celtic striker told BBC Scotland: "We knew Rangers were a good side, but today is a bit of a hollow victory for them. I think everybody could have virtually predicted the result at Ibrox before kick-off. Well, many people did. It is disappointing from the players who have put the effort in. We knew they'd lie down and they have done." 

When asked if he thought the Pars had not been professional, Sutton said: "You would have to ask their manager and players." Sutton also criticised Kilmarnock players saying: "They were wasting time when, normally, a team who are 4-0 down would be chasing the game." 

An outburst that saw him serve a five match ban.

Let's have a think about that. The evening before a vital League decider, where Celtic had to win at Kilmarnock, they concentrated their thoughts on the Rangers game. 'Obsessed' doesn't come into it. Let's also not forget that Celtic thrashed Killie 4 nil. Some points to note about their game:

Alan Thomson missed a penalty.

Henrik Larsson hit the post.

Kilmarnock had an ex Celtic player in goal, Gordon Marshall.

Kilmarnock were without six first-team regulars.

Kilmarnock youngster Shaun Dillon returning after four months out through injury to replace the suspended Greg Shields.

Gordon Marshall came out the following week and said Celtic players were giving him verbals during the game for not shipping in goals. Yet the SFA still did nothing.

Allegedly, eight of the Kilmarnock squad had been in Seville the week before to see their heroes in a Euro final.

On the final whistle Sutton continued his 90-minute argument with the referee and was shown a red card in the tunnel.

In 2015, twelve years on, Sutton stated, 'Jimmy Calderwood will NEVER get an apology from me.. only he will know why his Pars team put in such a weak display to hand Rangers the title.'

Obsessed? You tell me.

To Mad Joe and Bitter Chris, I would simply say you are where you are, not by supporting the team you profess to love but by the obsession, nay 'the naked hatred ' of the world's most successful club. Do yourselves a favour, get some love in your lives, pop online and treat the women in your lives to some nice perfume. But not Obsession.


by Finlay Speedie
by D'Artagnan


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