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Rangers - Standing Tall

Written by: 1972
Monday, 6th November 2017

Once again Rangers FC and our support did themselves proud on Saturday with a beautiful Poppy Display and impeccably observed minutes silence. It serves as a reminder that we are all here due to sacrifices our forefathers made, and that the armed services make today. I believe it isn't too much to ask that people in this country take some time out to remember and thank those making the great sacrifices to keep our country free from terror.

Of course a great many people do work that goes unnoticed, and we should be thankful to those too, but this is a day we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and those who face great horrors today in the fight against terrorism.

Rangers as a club can stand tall, that even through our own troubles we have supported Poppy Scotland, and Erskine in particular as we recognise that a football club can be a force for good, not just a sporting endeavour.

Rangers have always been a club founded on the values of dignity, respect and integrity, and it's the duty of the current custodians and support to uphold those values. It delights me to see Rangers fans turn up at Ibrox and be a part of something special.

There is a lot happening at our club, with release of accounts, and the search for a new manager, but the fans continue to prove themselves the best support in the world, supporting the team in great numbers through a period that has been difficult for all of us.

History will be kind to the current Rangers support who have remained true to their club, where others have deserted theirs. We have demonstrated that true support for a club is a lifetime commitment, that bears no dependence on any other club.

It should always be this way, and if we maintain this level of support, I have no doubts that Rangers will return to the top. While we loyally support our club, it is crucial that we also challenge our financiers and our board to invest enough to complete that journey.

It pleases me that there has been some level of investment in the club from investors, however, and it pleases me that the board have recognised that the team needed a change of management to both improve performance on the field, and to also give them a chance to assess what investment will be needed with a good manager in place, as Euro participation is fundamental next year.

It is of course, only natural to compare finances with our east end neighbours, who have earned scores of millions from Champions League money, however, we can only focus on improving our own quality to the level it should be, and the competitiveness will increase as a result.

Our team is by no means perfect, and the new manager has a big job on his hands to refresh the squad, but there are signs there that some astute purchases and sensible moving on of deadwood, could go some distance to really improving our squad and transforming us from also rans to competitors.

The supporters will turn out, buy the merchandise and do our bit, as we always do. Now we need the board to step up on the good work they have done, by assuring any new manager that they can make the necessary changes to kick start our season.


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