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What is wrong with these people?

Written by: 1972
Tuesday, 9th January 2018

Life in Glasgow can be absurd at times, and this once proud city appears to now host some of the most disturbed and messed up idiots imaginable, particularly a (small but loud?) section of the Celtic support.

We've witnessed over the last few years, levels of obsession from the Celtic support with Rangers which are beyond anything you could ever imagine.

During this time, Celtic supporters have bombarded the media, footballing authorities, the advertising standards agency and anyone else they can think of with all manner of fictional 'information' about our club, typically alongside requests to stop recognising Rangers history, or to have the club punished in some way.

Perhaps it was always this way, and it's only since the rise of social media that their campaigns have become public.

At each and every turn, they have humiliated themselves, as each respective body has rejected their advances, but still they come back for more.

Almost unbelievably, a section still believe the blogger with 4 names, despite his blogs being wrong for years. Still he gets donations and still the gullible fools believe him.

This month alone they have crowdfunded a film by the demented and paranoid Paul Larkin, who now devotes 100% of his time on Projects about Rangers, and pulls a handsome salary from idiots funding him to feed their fantasies about a football club they deny exists.

Any chance 'normal' Celtic fans have of dismissing him as a minority crank is undermined by the fact that Celtic themselves will host the Premiere at Celtic park, charging gullible fools £28, for the Privilege, which equates to 3 months Netflix, or two trips to the Cinema.

Bear in mind that Celtic's home attendances dropped by 50% while Rangers were out of the Premier League and have only risen upon our return, while Rangers were filling our stadium while in the bottom division. There is a section of the Celtic support whose whole being revolves around Rangers and it's utterly bizarre.

Had Celtic not been hosting this film premiere I would have imagined this section as a very small minority, but their endorsement of it suggests that I'm being more than generous.

Not content with only travelling down one avenue, they have been travelling down others too, with another utterly bizarre campaign to destabilise Rangers move for Jamie Murphy of Brighton, whereby a number of Celtic fans pretended to be Brighton fans, contacting Brighton with various claims about Rangers solvency, then claiming credit for the move becoming a loan deal rather than a permanent one, thanks to a lawyer working in Brighton who used to work for Celtic.

Also this month, the aforementioned blogger with 4 names claimed Rangers were going in to Administration again, leading to numbers of the gullible forking out with their dole money to bet that Rangers would be relegated due to a point deduction and 2012 style demotion. Never mind the fact he's made this claim at least 4 times since 2012 and been wrong every time, it has generated enough interest to make the bookies a few bob, get Mr 4 names back in the spotlight, get a negative story about Rangers in the press, with the intention being to destabilise Rangers during the transfer window.

In the meantime, the supposedly cash-starved Rangers have flown a whole squad and staff to Florida for training, and refused offers to sell Josh Windass.

Meanwhile, as all eyes in Glasgow focus on Rangers, Celtic have spent £300,000 of their anticipated £30M Champions League revenue, the £7M sell on fee for Virgil Van Dijk, and the club are whoring Moussa Dembele to EPL clubs in the vain hope of returning an 8 figure sum before his reputation fades any further.

The Celtic board must be pissing themselves at the puppets in their support, who care only about Rangers and not about addressing their inferiority in Europe.

It is also convenient that all focus is on Rangers, as several Celtic Boys Club figures are due in court later this month to answer further charges of sexual abuse of children.

Scottish Football is in a sick state, and the Anti Rangers disease that has infected clubs from Hibs to Hearts to Dundee United as well as our city Neighbours, is hurting these clubs.

These clubs seem to think Rangers owe them something and should forget about how they conspired to rob Rangers of their place in the top division, and a full squad of players, and lose out themselves on crucial cash by ending up selling players to other clubs for less than they wished from Rangers.

I have no inclination for any other club to suffer or flourish, unless it is due to Rangers flourishing, but Rangers come first at all times, and I recognise that for Rangers to flourish, these clubs may also need to benefit.

Many Non-Rangers fans do not share this understanding, because they are motivated not by wanting the best for their club, but the worst for Rangers.

What this means is clear, the club and the support owe a debt to no-one and should consider Rangers above all others in all instances, regardless of the consequences for everyone else.


by D'Artagnan
by Joe Smith


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