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James Dornan MSP

Written by: Reformer
Thursday, 29th March 2018

It's not often that I'm surprised by the nature of events that unfold on twitter but I have to admit the evening of Tuesday 27th March and the subsequent fallout has left me fairly open mouthed.

James Dornan MSP (representing Glasgow Cathcart on behalf of the Scottish Nationalists) took to Twitter to share a selective part of an email he claimed to have received earlier that evening.

Mr.Dornan, no stranger to controversy, recently announced (in a blaze of publicity) that he was quitting social media following a backlash from football supporters from both sides of the Glasgow divide. Some had been widely criticising him for being one of the few remaining MSP's still championing the cause of the now disgraced Offensive Behaviour at Football Act which was swiftly followed by Rangers Supporters in particular who had been ridiculing him for attempting to use his position of authority to influence Police Scotland to ban a peaceful march of support for our club prior to a home game at Ibrox claiming the request by the organisers to wear dark clothing was a display of "threatening behaviour" (fortunately, Police Scotland ignored his stupidity and the well attended march went ahead without incident).

Sadly, Mr.Dornan's self-imposed social media exile lasted no more than 72 hours before he could no longer resist the urge to return to twitter to spread his own particular brand of hatred and division to the masses.

Fast forward a few weeks to Tuesday the 27th and Mr.Dornan took to twitter whilst touring Scandinavia on his latest Parliamentary junket at the taxpayers expense. Following an offensive and widely condemned leaflet which had circulated on social media aimed at the UK's Muslim Community, Mr.Dornan declared that he had become the victim of something similar and posted the following meme which he claimed had been e-mailed to him.

Predictably, the usual suspects appeared in their droves to condemn all Unionists, Protestants and Rangers Supporters for this atrocity including the permanently offended Humza Youseless who tweeted

(Strange that a Politician so shocked & obviously concerned that some idiot might be tempted to break the law if he saw the meme decided that the best course of action would be to whack it round social media within minutes of the original tweet - but I digress).

Not for the first time, the Scottish Media (who have long abandoned all inclination of carrying out proper investigative journalism in favour of simply copying and pasting off social media from the comfort of their own living room) sprang into action to highlight the disgust that had been cultivated from Mr.Dornan's twitter account. Job done.

At the time of writing, it appears that not only has Mr.Dornan been the sole recipient of this email but unusually the meme in question has never been seen elsewhere on social media or on any known Internet forum. A strange one indeed.

More concerning is the fact that despite a barrage of requests for Mr.Dornan to share the entirety of the e-Mail including dates, times and addresses and thus put to bed the increasing doubt of where the meme originated from, he has thus far refused to do so.

With Police Scotland taking the unusual step of using twitter to confirm that a complaint had been received, here's hoping that their investigation will uncover exactly who was behind this whole unsavoury incident. Hopefully, the person in question, be it a daft wee boy with a warped sense of humour or a sitting Member of the Scottish Parliament will have a bit of explaining to do.

I await the prosecution.


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