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VB Support The Union Bears

Written by: Admin
Tuesday, 17th April 2018

The Union Bears statement regarding planned action against the current Rangers board was posted on our forum this evening. ( 17/04/18 ) Every single Bear on VB fully supports the actions of the Union Bears this coming Sunday.

Dave King’s board were welcomed by just about every fan up and down the land and like everyone else, we at VB had high hopes for the future under the new board. Our members voted overwhelmingly in favour of the King consortium taking control.

Unfortunately, the Gers support has been badly let down by the present board of directors.

From poor managerial appointments, to playing the best part of a season with an under 20 coach in charge, to ignoring the Rangers hating media and political elite, the current board have been nothing short of negligent.

Vanguardbears calls on the board to start living up to the promises they made before taking control of our club. If these promises cannot be met, sell up to those who can take the club back to the top again.

The present malaise is not acceptable. The fans are not prepared to sit back and allow our club to be humiliated any longer. The choice is yours Mr King. 


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by Admin


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