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Friday, 5th October 2018

Last night once again showed that the Rangers support is different class. The atmosphere and celebrations both during and after the match were exceptional.

It was clear in his post-match interviews, Steven Gerrard was blown away, and this is a man who came from arguably the most passionately supported club in England.

The players stepped up last night after a grim performance last weekend, and it’s clear the system with Morelos on his own supported by Kent and Candieas works.

Unfortunately, despite a great start to his second spell at Rangers, Kyle Lafferty looks like he’s going to have to play second fiddle to Morelos, or find ways in training to complement each other for the benefit of the team.

The same applies to various others but only hard work and persistence will see players like Grezda or Sadiq in the starting XI.

Last night’s performance from Morelos was again different class.

All strikers are different, and Morelos isn’t perfect, but he’s currently the best striker in Scotland by a distance, and is improving. There can be no question that he should be the first name on the team sheet every week.

I’m afraid I have to call out certain sections of the media, who attack Morelos at every turn, and pick aspects of his game apart, even when he has been unplayable and been the difference between defeat and victory, which he often is.

The nonsense criticism of Morelos by the idiot Bill Leckie at the Scottish Sun, and various others over the last few weeks has been cringeworthy. These are the same cretins who complain about the value of the TV deals the Scottish game has.

When it comes to knowledge of the game, the scribbles by Scottish Journalists are nothing short of embarrassing.

Case in point here is man markings in the Daily Record by Colin Duncan who saw fit to mark Ryan Kent as 6 out of 10. Seriously!?

This is a player that tormented a decent European side that took turns to take him out and get booked for their troubles.

Any Rangers fan wasting cash buying these rags needs to evaluate their expenditure. You could buy a Rangers tv+ subscription for the cheaper than buying the Rhebel on weekdays (£12 v £13)

Back on the pitch, this team are still getting used to each other, and Gerrard is having to build a brand new side and incorporate new players while under pressure to win every game.

Gerrard has had to add the numbers he had as last season’s side was nowhere near good enough to compete.

When this team are on their A Game, they are a force to be reckoned with, and Gerrard now needs to get that level of performance from the side in the league, starting Sunday, then taking forward for the rest of the season.

The tinkering has to stop, until the early rounds of the Scottish Cup. Every league game and every League Cup Game now has to be at 100% performance.

The players will know now that they need to bring that level of performance in every single match, to be either in the Europa or Champions League next season, and for the loanees, their performances now will determine their whole futures, whether they are contracted to us or not.

Waiting in the wings to get in to the side are some quality players, which really wasn’t an option last season.  Having players like Dorrans, Rossiter, Jack, McAuley and Katic in reserve is real progress.

I’m very impressed with Steven Gerrard’s attitude so far, and his response to stupid questions about matches that are weeks away is exactly what our club should be all about. Let’s focus now on Hearts, thereafter we can take one game at a time and keep building momentum.

Onwards and upwards



by James Molloy
by James Molloy


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