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Neil Cameron and The Trio of Trash

Written by: James Molloy
Thursday, 11th October 2018

In a Herald article yesterday where he once again struggled to hide his football allegiances and his hatred for all things Rangers, Z-List "journalist" Neil Cameron detailed footballing genius Paul Gascoigne's many faults




The main theme of his assassination attempt in light of Gascoigne's forthcoming induction into the SFA Hall of Fame revolved around unfortunate and frankly shameful events that took place at the Gleneagles Hotel whilst Gascoigne was a Rangers player:

"PAUL Gascoigne beat his wife…….There is no other way to frame it.......repeatedly beating his wife puts Gascoigne in a class of his own…….wife-beaters are the scum of the earth".

Of course former Celtic player Jimmy Johnstone, inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2004, also repeatedly assaulted his wife whilst drunk.

So, according to Cameron, Johnstone's former club have a permanent statue of a "wife beater who is the scum of the earth" directly outside the main entrance to The Theatre of Shame.

When you think about it, Johnstone's statue completes a fitting trio of front-door idols for the Club Like No Other, doesn't it?

The Wife Beater, The Bigoted Priest and The Paedophile Harbourer.

Very fitting indeed.



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