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Angela Haggerty And Terrorism

Written by: BB
Thursday, 8th January 2015

Wednesday’s tragic events in Paris brought worldwide condemnation and rightly so. Evil was visited upon our television screens as we reviled at the despicable acts carried out by these wicked men. One has to be confused however when observing some of the remarks from those closer to home regarding this heinous attack on western society's freedom and values.

On the same day masked gunmen brought terror to the streets of France, 'journalist' Angela Haggerty still had some spare angst left over for the Offensive Behaviour Act (OBA). This is where the confusion begins.

Whether you agree with this act or not, as it stands at present, fans of Celtic Football Club by law are not permitted to glorify terrorist group the Provisional IRA at Scottish Football grounds. Make no mistake this is the main reason for the movement against the OBA so we can forget the window dressing.

This legislation ensures Celtic supporters have to behave themselves like any other group, much to the chagrin of Angela and her ilk. It is a constant thorn in the side of the 'jolly craicsters' who ludicrously attempt to purloin ownership of the moral high ground, and she knows it. The songs in reference to the IRA we are told are political, not sectarian. A lame defence if ever there was one.

This republican terrorist organization slaughtered people in the Province throughout the troubles just for being Protestant.  Unfortunately, there are scores of examples of this sectarianism - such as the Kingsmill Massacre.  Textile workers (yes-textile workers) were murdered as they travelled home from work together in rural County Armagh. Just after the van cleared the rise of a hill, there was a man standing in the road flashing a torch. The van stopped and 11 other men, all armed, emerged from hedges around the road. A man asked their religions. There was only one Roman Catholic on the bus. He was identified and ordered away from his Protestant workmates and ran off. The gunmen then opened fire.  10 men were murdered, another man survived despite being shot 18 times. For the record, the Historical Enquiries Team ruled the motive behind this devastating and cowardly attack as - yes, you’ve guessed it - sectarian.

For those who still want to hide under the 'political' banner, whether it's political or sectarian - when a masked psychopath is pointing a gun and about to pull the trigger on some terrified victim, then what difference does it make?!

It is beyond me how the likes of Angela Haggerty can be so horrified at yesterday's events yet on the same day voice such vehement opposition to legislation in Scotland which prevents glorifying the perpetrators responsible for similar barbaric acts.  Is it Animal Farm time? Are some terrorists more equal than others?  By her warped reasoning should people be allowed to fly ISIS flags at football games?  This woman appears to have a very peculiar sense of 'equality'. Rather than view the obvious parallels, she actually compares Islamic extremists to UKIP!

Now, let's be honest, the Euro sceptic party may have one or two colourful characters who are prone to occasional gaffes but goodness me!  I don't see Nigel Farage and co storming the offices of Private Eye anytime soon!  The Farage fella might have a different point of view from Haggerty, but he's got to be allowed to have one.  Haggerty is everything she purports to hate – a hatred that is so deep it is clouding any chance of aptitude for clear and logical thought.

Equilibrium without question is an alien concept here. Those who preach tolerance the loudest often practice it the least.  Don't they just. Taking account of her attitude to the OBA, evidence of double standards is further demonstrated by her Pavlovian dog reaction to the merest hint of loyalist singing at Ibrox, the keyboard is rattled at the speed any Navy Morse-tapper would be proud of!  Handwringers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your consistency!

When Angela Haggerty expresses horror and outrage at masked gunmen, she (and her beloved Celtic Football Club for that matter) would do well to remember, the Offensive Behaviour Act prevents the praising of those who brought the very same terror to the streets of the United Kingdom for more than 30 years.

Enough of this shameless hypocrisy! 


by BB
by Nineteen Seventy-Two


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