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The Lunatic Is Running The Asylum

Written by: Nostragerus
Sunday, 4th November 2018

Once again the Scottish media are using the term "shame game". After the last so-called game in 2011, we have another one that has attracted the media’s attention.

What the media have failed to highlight is the common denominator in both incidents - the involvement of one man, namely Neil Lennon

For years he has been involved in major incidents within football; and his private life (which I will mention later!)

The continuation from his playing days into management of goading opposing fans is his speciality and until the authorities within the Scottish football game or law enforcement agencies act there is a serious risk that it endangers law and order!

After a volatile game last Wednesday when the Hearts goalkeeper was attacked Lennon proceeded to antagonise Hearts fans with gestures resulting in one fan throwing a coin at him, never a man to miss a trick Lennon feigned injury pretending he was hit on the face (when everyone else seen it hit his chest!) proceeding to fall and indulge in shameless amateur dramatics!

What if Hibs fans had indulged once again in their "over-exuberance" and invaded the pitch and wanted to get involved with Hearts fans? Does no-one in authority care what Lennon could be responsible for or are they scared of him?

This is nothing new as in just over a year he has twice tried to wind up Rangers fans gesticulating to them, as well as many other incidents over the years, even resorting to calling Aberdeen fans “sheep shaggers” over a microphone at Celtic Park. His notorious friends in the media seem happy to ignore this!

The latest excuse that he offers is the claim that behaviour towards him is because he is an "Irish Catholic" and blatantly ignoring the fact that two high profile Managers Martin O’Neill and Brendan Rodgers are both from the same country yet do not yield the same abuse – most probably because they didn’t try to goad opposition fans!

The usual suspects wade in as expected. The not so charming Chris Sutton, the resident fool on BT Sport, who was found guilty of spitting in a man’s face in 2000. And Angela Haggerty, who is happy to get any slot on TV now that her career as journalist is over following her recent departure from the Herald - if anybody should understand what bigotry is about then it is Angela. She only has to read what her IRA-supporting bigoted family members post on social media!

Then we have Peter "McGuire" Martin, another one whose journalistic career is on the wane. Rumours that the audience for his TV programme consisted of about 200, mostly made up of McGuire’s family members and Alan Rough’s ex-girlfriend’s may well be true!  What is definite is that McGuire is desperately trying to find a way back into the money spinning media circus!

McGuire had been very silent on Walter Smith, Dick Advocaat & Alex McLeish being sang about as "Orange Bastards" over the years.  He also ignored the abuse that Nacho Novo received, and the seriously ill Fernando Ricksen being attacked!

Lennon left for England and managing Bolton was as good as his word after telling their fans he would get them out of the championship. He left shortly before they did – unfortunately for them it was down a league rather than up.  Another of his managerial failings!

Whilst at Bolton he was again exposed as a bully who threatened a mistress with a knife which hastened his departure from the club.  Of course this was nothing new as he had previously threatened a girlfriend with violence, Jennifer Johnson, in 2006 after she gave birth to his child.

Lennon is intent on causing mayhem within the Scottish game and unless the people at the top of the game act now then something serious will occur

It is time for the authorities to act appropriately as it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt due to his actions, unsurprisingly, even in the aftermath of Wednesday’s unsavoury incidents he still wanted to act the tough guy by claiming he wanted to meet the coin thrower.

The lunatic is running the asylum!


by James Molloy
by Admin


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