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VB Call For Ibrox Ban On Celtic Supporters

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Monday, 12th September 2016

The continued attacks on the Rangers support from a sizeable sectarian element in the Celtic support must end.

Our support is sick of being the seemingly easy target of those hate-filled bigots at Celtic Park.

Saturday's utterly shameful display of sectarianism was a new low even for that shower of bigoted filth, and merely confirms that it is not just Celtic's away support that resorts to such blatant sectarianism.

  • Effigies of a Rangers supporter and a Protestant Orangeman hung, hands tied behind their backs execution style, from the Jock Stein Stand.

  • Flags displaying “KAH – Kill All Huns”. A clear death threat aimed at Protestants.

  • A banner displaying the sectarian term “Know Your Place Hun Scum”.

  • Almost the entire Celtic support telling Mark Warburton that he's a “Sad Orange Bastard”

  • The Rangers team arriving at the ground to be met by a group of Celtic fans viciously chanting “Dirty Orange Bastards” at them.

  • A banner containing the words from a well-known IRA song - “They Hung Out The Flags Of War”

All of the above has received no condemnation whatsoever from Celtic FC, Police Scotland and the ruling SNP Government, and was met, unsurprisingly, with typical insipid condemnation from a compliant media – astonishingly Police Scotland said they were happy with how the day went!

The Board of Rangers FC, to date, have made no comment on the matter – it appears as though the days of dignified silence have indeed returned!

We at Vanguardbears call on Rangers' Board to do the right thing by their own fans and ban Celtic supporters from our stadium. We do not want our Stadium polluted with such sectarian low-life.


by Blueboy
by John McCrae


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