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All That It Takes For Evil To Succeed....

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Tuesday, 6th November 2018

44 years after previous allegations of child molestation, James Torbett, founder of Celtic Boys Club, was found guilty at Glasgow High Court yesterday on 5 charges of historical child abuse ranging from 1986 to 1994.  2 of his victims were members of his under-14 team and one other a 5-year-old boy.

Owner of the Trophy Centre business based in Pollokshaws, he committed many of these sordid crimes as an employee of Celtic Football Club

The Conviction

Credit must be given to reporter Mark Daly for his extensive research resulting in a 6 year prison sentence being handed to Torbett.  One of his reports is detailed in this video and is horrific viewing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imhxZbRWqDU

The Trial

Throughout the two week trial the court heard disturbing and sordid details of Torbett’s nefarious life.

  • How he abused children at his business factory, on return from football training and on football trips to France
  • How he would strip to music in front of his victims before abusing them
  • How he would subject youth players to other forms of abuse by encouraging them to sing songs in praise of the child murdering IRA
  • How he groomed kids by taking them on trips to Orlando by paying for it from money out of his own pocket
  • How he stuffed £100 notes in the mouths of his innocent victims
  • His business partnership and friendship with Celtic FC directors
  • How Celtic Boys Club and Celtic Football Club are inextricably intertwined

The Deflection

Celtic fans, in their own perverse way, have attempted to deflect attention away from their sectarian stained club by claiming that Torbett was sacked by Jock Stein for previous child tampering allegations in 1974. They (and Celtic FC) allege that the boys club was nothing to do with Celtic Football Club – the latter officially going to great lengths in attempt at distancing itself by changing the boys club name to St Patrick’s, with £20,000 paid to the boys club for their co-operation.  It is little wonder that they are referred to by many as Sleekit FC!

If there was no official link to the boys club why did Celtic FC manager Jock Stein have the power to “kick him out” of it? 

Another despicable deflection tactic they used was to claim that Torbett was a Protestant Rangers supporter – a ‘Hun’.  These absurd allegations were disproved when the court was informed that he was a Roman Catholic and would often play music from Irish republican band The Wolfe Tones at his home while preying on his innocent victims.

The Silence

At the time of writing Celtic FC has made no comment – which is utterly bizarre considering they were quick to comment on the recent passing of Louis Tomlinson’s Mum! You may be asking yourself what One Direction had to do with Celtic FC?  Ambulance chasing is a fine art! 

Their failure to apologise to the victims says all one needs to know about the level of contempt they have for anyone outside of the Celtic circle.

The Scottish Football Association, to date, has also not made comment.  In the interests of “sporting integrity” – a phrase coined by Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell – one would have thought they’d have something to say about the most shameful events in Scottish football history?  No? 

In the USA recently, football team Penn State were severly punished for failing to report child abuse crimes and warning the public of it by one of their employees.   Celtic FC is not above the law of the land – The Scottish FA, by saying and doing nothing, is being complicit in the cover up of heinous child abuse.

The Cover Up

Evidence of a cover up at Celtic Park is damning.

After being “kicked out” by Stein, the club re-employed Torbett – effectively, they facilitated a known paedophile to continue his abuse.  Let that sink in!  Celtic Chairman Kevin Kelly, friend and business partner of Torbett, knew what he was up to!  He chose to say nothing. He denies knowing – but he sanctioned the sacking in 1974!   I’m sure you have heard the phrase liars from cradle to the grave!?

Convicted paedophile James McCafferty, the subject of an ongoing investigation into paedophilia, was also employed at Celtic Park, as was Frank Cairney – he too the subject of an ongoing child abuse investigation. All too much of a coincidence, is it not?

A previous VB article suggested that a paeodophile ring was operating at Celtic Park - https://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=136&a=vb-makes-another-donation-to-civil-rights-camp – one thing is obvious; evidence suggest the board of Celtic FC are complicit in the abuse of children by an employee(s) of theirs!

The Victims

Hopefully this conviction gives closure to the victims and their families and they feel they have received justice.  These innocent people have lived a life of hell caused by the actions of a disgusting sick beast.  

A Full Inquiry

The judge in court summed up by telling Torbett: “You used the club as a front for child abuse”.

It is clear that an investigation into paedophila at Celtic Park is needed.  There are many questions that need answered.    

Celtic youth player Lawrence Haggart was murdered by a paedophile in 1996 – is it just coincidence that McCafferty, Torbett and Cairney were on the prowl at that time?

Why did Celtic FC give Torbett’s Trophy Centre commercial business AFTER he was kicked out of the club on paedophile allegations? 

On 26th October 1993 a motion was tabled in parliament by George Galloway congratulating Torbett and his youth team on their successful trip to Palestine. Galloway obviously couldn't have known of Torbett's sordid past? 

There is much more to be revealed about the “open secret” (as former Celtic player Lou Macari claimed in his book) at Celtic Park.

For the sake of the innocent victims and prevention of further abuse at Celtic Park, VB calls on the SFA to launch an investigation into on-goings at Celtic Park, and solicits a full independent inquiry into the actions of the SFA and Celtic FC employees.


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