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The Club Like No Other Called Out By Legal Eagle

Written by: Phil White
Thursday, 8th November 2018

Statement by Patrick McGuire, Senior Partner Thompsons Solicitors 7th November 2018

"Celtic have today issued a statement saying well…..very little.

The one thing that it was at pains to do was to reinforce their position that Celtic Bhoys Club was, to use the words of the statement "entirely separate from Celtic Football Club".

That is factually incorrect, it is legally questionable at best.

It is time for Celtic to face their moral responsibility and their legal obligation.

It is time for Celtic Football Club to deliver financial justice to every survivor to those abused at Celtic Football Club.

It's time for there to be full and fair legal financial redress as every survivor is entitled in law."

For the avoidance of doubt, Patrick McGuire is not an anti-Catholic, anti-Irish racist.

Developing story……


by We Must Be Bolder


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