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Honour? Seriously?

Written by: 1972
Tuesday, 7th May 2019

Even before The Bheasts had wrapped up the title on Saturday, it was already the chatter amongst various Bheast Minded “journalists” that Rangers should provide a guard of honour for our city rivals next week.

One can only deduce that these cretins are trolling our club.

To cut to the chase, there is no mandated requirement to do it, and there are 8 seasons since 2001 that there has been no guard of honour.

If The Bheasts were a club of honour, then perhaps that would be appropriate, however, they are the least honourable club in world football. They deserve no respect from Rangers.

-This is a club who are currently facing legal class action for their conduct over the Celtic Boys Club scandal.

-Celtic, who are now also known as Separate Entity FC, have continued to distance themselves from their own boys club scandal, despite evidence given in court and broadcast on national television by journalist Mark Daly that the boys club and football club were inextricably linked. This distancing has included flat out denials of the links (in the face of photographic and video evidence to the contrary), failing to apologise for the club’s inaction, while that “separate entity” boys club have mysteriously changed their name and team colours.

-The club have briefed the media and are agitating to have chants calling out their boys club conduct silenced.

-The club have allowed a “documentary” to be filmed in their stadium, suggesting corruption and cheating in the Scottish game without a shred of evidence, all aimed at our football club and the footballing authorities

-The club agitated over the Rangers EBT affair, to have Rangers punished and demoted to the bottom tier of Scottish Football to gain competitive advantage over a number of years

-They are a club who agitated for no league extension in 2008, on the back of a fake trip to Japan so that they could gain advantage in the title race

-They are a club who have had matches postponed upon deaths of former players with brief and undistinguished careers (Phil O’Donnell), while failing to do so for club legends such as Tommy Burns and Billy McNeill, in order to gain competitive advantage

-Their support and their sympathisers continue to display unbridled hatred, support for terrorism and sectarianism, while advocating that the concept of sectarianism is dead, only to be replaced by “Anti Catholic bigotry”

There is no club more unworthy of being “honoured” than Celtic Football Club.

I am glad our club has started treating them with something close to the level of contempt they deserve. Until they start showing us some respect, they should get zero themselves.


by By Philip Joseph Gerard White
by 1972


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