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Drain The Swamp

Written by: 1972
Thursday, 23rd May 2019

I used to intensely dislike the term “Drain the swamp” in reference to politicians, but recent events have convinced me that Scotland does need to drain the swamp in many fields, particularly in politics and in the media.

I also won’t pretend that hypocrisy is new in politics, nor that incompetence or stupidity is new, but the current crop of politicians and political movers and shakers in Scotland is the worst it’s ever been.

There was a time where the media held Government and also the opposition to account. That time has passed. I have lost count in the last couple of years of statements from politicians which are simply parroted out without challenge. Any journalist brave enough to challenge the narrative is set about on social media by the usual suspects.

Of course, some politicians are just off the scale in their crassness and stupidity that even our woeful media can’t ignore them.

Where the topic is the Celtic Boys Club abuse scandal; all logic & integrity goes out the window for many that have an allegiance to that club, with a handful of politicians and journalists plumbing the depths with views that could only happen in a country blinded by bigotry.

First up is SNP MSP John Mason, who made an outlandish effort to compare Rangers EBT tax arrangements with Celtic’s child abuse and decades-long cover up. It’s outrageously offensive from the politician who claimed the IRA were freedom fighters. His fellow SNP MSP James Dornan has put his foot in his mouth so often about this scandal since the successful prosecution of Jim Torbett it was inevitable that he couldn’t help once again showing a real lack of class and intelligence.

Not content with previously calling anyone bigots who have been campaigning for justice on this issue (including the family of one of the victims), he publicly contacted journalist Mark Daly with a request to follow him in order to be able to DM him (why the secrecy Jim?), before admitting he himself knew of rumours when his own son played for Celtic Boys Club. While he let the cat out of the bag that the boys club were absolutely the feeder club for the football club and that boys who played for the club “played for Celtic”, he also inadvertently admitted that he, like various others in the know, did absolutely nothing about it.

Then, to add insult to injury, he feigned interest in the victims by writing to Peter Lawwell to ask that Celtic address the issue, forget the “separate entity” narrative and set up a fund to pay the victims.

He is still parroting this line, even though his own lad played for the boys club, and can count himself lucky to have come through without being targeted? It is ridiculous that decades after this, Dornan has just sprung in to "action".

This effort in driving for compensation is damage limitation and is of course Celtic’s ideal scenario given the circumstances, as it’s the quickest way of making the issue go away, with the least amount of fuss, no legal action and the least amount of enablers made accountable for their actions.

Meanwhile Scottish Justice minister Humza Yousaf has completely ignored the Gray family despite numerous requests from them to meet and to push forward a fair and independent enquiry in to the Paedophile ring at Celtic.

Meanwhile, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s response to the Gray family’s requests has been to block them on Twitter.

Meanwhile on Twitter the media, we have disgraced former journalist & Paedo defender Graham Spiers reverting to type, and indulging in a quite disgusting piece of whataboutery by accusing Rangers fans of being “exercised and excited” about the Celtic Boys Club scandal. It’s not the first time Spiers has got it spectacularly wrong, but this is most definitely another howler on several levels.

Rangers fans, and decent humans that support many football clubs are angered and disgusted not just at the conduct of the abusers themselves, but the Kelly/White dynasty and their various club officials who engaged in a cover up, or re-employed people like Torbett and Cairney. Decent people are angered that the current regime has not taken ownership of this issue in a sensitive and appropriate manner.

We are angered that the Scottish Government has treated the victims with a disrespect that is both shocking and disgusting.

While there are the odd journalists doing the right thing and calling out the current Celtic board for their efforts to engineer a low key payout of victims, there are those like Neil Cameron sharing Dornan’s approach. Cameron, who has the unique ability to irritate both sides of Glasgow’s divide, is said by many to be Peter Lawwell’s bitch in the press.

I’ve wondered for some time why Lawwell wouldn’t throw the old Kelly/White regime under the bus on the Celtic Boys club scandal, then I remember he had a spell at the club in the early 90’s as a Finance Executive under their regime. What happened in this spell that is stopping him properly addressing this issue?

I may be sick of this topic and who wouldn’t, but it’s not an excuse to allow Celtic, or the SNP to get away with what they are trying to get away with.

Away from the abuse scandal, SNP Glasgow city council leader Susan Aitken is still in place, after several posts from a secret SNP Facebook group were leaked, which showed her anti Rangers hatred, just months after she and her SNP colleague intervened to stop Rangers having a family fanzone across from Ibrox stadium.

I could not be any clearer. No matter your views on Brexit, there are many alternatives for Rangers fans.

What you should consider is that there are still a number of Anti Rangers and Anti Protestant bigots at Scottish Labour, with key figures such as Brian Roy and James Kelly indulging in positive PR for the Call it Out movement, which we all know is essentially an IRA pressure group headed up by failed journalist Angela Haggerty, and ned IRA supporter Jeanette Findlay. This group have every press release and every statement or protest covered in the Evening Times and the local website Glasgow Live.

Bears should steer clear of these publications, advising their editors why. They both rely heavily on advertisers, with Glasgow live essentially working as a promo tool for many businesses, carrying paid for features masquerading as independent reviews. If you avoid this site, then these businesses will be forced to apply pressure on them to be impartial.

You can start making a difference today, with the first step at the ballot box. Give the SNP a metaphorical bloody nose and start draining the swamp.


by Philip Joseph Gerard White
by Philip Joseph Gerard White


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