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Do Your Job Humza

Written by: 1972
Thursday, 9th May 2019

While it was not surprising that the media in Scotland failed to report the post-match trouble after the last Old Firm game accurately, it was all the more disappointing that the media took fake eyewitness reports and printed them without any form of verification. 

When it transpired that the worst instances of violence across Scotland were 3 separate instances of Celtic fans fighting and stabbing each other, they still failed to report easily obtainable information about the (now) defendants, even as they appeared in court a couple of weeks later. The court case for the Merchant City stabbing itself has faced a media blackout completely, since it transpired that all the defendants were Celtic supporters.

More importantly, none of the Scottish media have challenged Scottish Justice minister as to the migration of football related violence from the East End in to the City Centre, which is normally thriving with tourists and shoppers of a weekend.

On the 31st March 2019, marauding Celtic supporters smashed up a city centre pub, and engaged in a weapon heavy running battle in the Merchant City. After the match itself, scores of Police Vans and mini buses on duty at Celtic Park, left Glasgow completely, as they returned to base.

Meanwhile, thousands of Bheasts descended on Glasgow city centre to “celebrate” in the way only they can, with anger, indiscipline and violence, to be met with zero resistance from the Police. So, as we prepare for yet another match up, it’s clear that no matter the result, the wider public are at risk of being caught up in violent scenes just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There is, of course a short term solution for this.

Have sufficient Police in place across the city centre to protect citizens of this fine city, tourists, and Rangers supporters trying to travel home. Longer term, the SNP Scottish Government and the SNP led City Council need to address the issues of the Republican strongholds in the Gallowgate and the migration of this culture in to the Merchant City.

If this is not addressed head on by the respective authorities, then Glasgow will become a no go zone on match day, which really should be an unacceptable situation.

While it is well known that SNP Justice minister Humza Yousaf is a Celtic Supporter, is he brave enough to do the right thing for this city, and ensure Glasgow remains a destination City by combating the scum in green who are shaming Glasgow?


by 1972
by Philip Joseph Gerard White


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