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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerard White
Wednesday, 3rd July 2019

Things just seem to go from bad to worse for hapless, hopeless Peter Lawwell don't they?

Out of his depth and out of ideas, his latest gaffe is to hire a ten-bob rank amateur PR operation Hollicom (or Hollicon as rivals have dubbed them) in a desperate crisis management attempt to clean up the front pages.

Ironically this latest move resulted in the indelibly stained Club Like No Other again being splashed all over the UK's most respected broadsheet The Times, under the blazing headline "CELTIC CHILD ABUSE VICTIM CONDEMS CLUB OVER PR HIRE".

Congratulations Peter. You really are a Gift from God.


A disgusted Kenny Campbell, victim of Celtic paedophile James Torbett described Lawwell's blunder as a "disgraceful attempt to deflect attention and face up to their (Celtic's) responsibilities…..putting the name of Celtic in the gutter".

Hollicom is run by paperweight Mark Hollinshead (or Hollowhead as his former colleagues at Trinity Mirror oft referred to him) and ex Daily Record Editor Alan Rennie.

Their website states "Our job is to make our clients famous for the right reasons. Your reputation is our priority”.

Well you certainly got off to a good start chaps! Perhaps you should take a look at Twitter! The old adage "you can't polish a turd" (or a paedophile harbouring den of despicable sub-human filth) seems lost on you.

It is claimed that Rennie, on taking up the Editor's role at the Daily Record (where he is best remembered for handing dozens of employees their redundancy notices) announced "I fucking hate Rangers, things will change around here".

We can assure Mr. Rennie that the feeling is mutual and invite him to take us on. Remember the Hollicom motto Mr. Rennie – "If you don’t tell your story someone else will".

Mr. Hollowhead is said to be the long term partner of Radio Clyde/Bauer Head of News and Sport Lorraine Herbison. It has been suggested that he has been using his influence over Ms. Herbison to "encourage" her to propagate "good news" stories about The Club Like No Other and continue Radio Clyde's Sports blackout of commentary on the Celtic paedophilia scandal.

It has also been suggested that as an alleged former mistress of "married man with kids" Mr. Brian Stockbridge, Z-List celebrity Ms. Herbison's moral compass has the needle stuck pointing south and she has had no problem in carrying out Mr. Hollowhead's wishes.

Further, it has been claimed that Hollicoms remit is to negate the fall-out from the cover up the horrific crimes of Celtic's numerous pederasts. Think about that. The possibility that a grubby PR firm are prepared to attempt to clean up the sordid mess left by the crimes of 6 convicted child molestors.

Every immoral piece of trash complicit in this cover-up and damage limitation exercise shall be remembered for it from here to eternity, no matter how small a part they play. They had better be prepared for the backlash. Victims of Celtic paedophilia and their families are suffering whilst immoral scum undertake deflection and damage limitation exercises for money.

It would seem that Celtic Football Club and Hollicom are made for each other.


Postscript: The Times article states "High-profile clients, including Barrhead Travel, Eden Mill Gin, Arnold Clark and Scottish Women’s Football, feature prominently on Hollicom’s website, but there is no mention of Celtic."

Readers need to ask themselves if they are morally at ease using the services and buying the products of the above-named businesses in light of their ties to Hollicom. Scottish Women's Football need to sever all ties forthwith.

Post Postscript: On the day The Times went to press with their latest Celtic paedophilia article exposing Celtics PR disaster, the Unemployed Paypal Blogger stated "One thing big clubs definitely DO have these days is a professional social media operation. Celtic F.C. is a good example of this" before describing a Rangers F.C. tweet as a "PR own goal".

As ever, the Unemployed Blogger's timing was impeccable. Another Gift from God - if he didn't exist we'd have to invent him. 








by Philip Joseph Gerard White
by James Molloy


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