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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerrard Gillivan
Tuesday, 6th August 2019


Last week I was sent an article which astounded me with its honesty.


Investigative journalist Gary Johnston, Scottish by birth but now plying his trade in Australia, produced a rare work of brutal truth relating to Celtic paedophilia in the publication True Crime News Weekly. I've linked it at the bottom of the page and would urge you to read it in full.

Some highlights:

"Fans (of Celtic F.C.) harass families of abuse victims…….it takes a profoundly callous mindset to castigate abused victims and their families…… ongoing, prolonged intimidation including, inexplicably by any standards of moral behaviour, death threats…… shooting their arrows of hate indiscriminately at anyone daring to criticise or even question club’s role in the abuses…… disciples of a small-minded, self-deluded and intractable cult……without regard for the distress and heartache of victims and their advocates, innocent sufferers who merely seek answers."

Johnston tells the truth about members of the Kerrydale Kiddyfiddling Klan sending abuse and death threats to the victims and families of Celtics numerous paedophiles in desperate attempts to silence them.


"[EDITOR’S NOTE: Normally, we would include a link to the site in question but we have deliberately chosen not to do so in this case as, not only do we not want to give the writer of the squalid piece the oxygen of publicity, we are not at all sure we’d be prepared to grant him the oxygen of oxygen]"

Above, the editor of True Crime News Weekly speaks of the filth and hatred spewed forth by a writer on a website for fans of The Club Like No Other.

"Scotland’s political elite struggle to contain the details behind what is believed to be a decades-long institutional cover-up…….a country leaking public credibility on a daily basis"

Johnston openly tells the truth regards the attempted cover up of Celtic paedophilia by incompetent Justice Minister Humza Yousef and his boss Nicola Sturgeon.


"The story (a previous article on Celtic paedophilia) has had an international impact attracting views and comments from overseas"

Johnston confirms that the Celtic Paedophilia Scandal is now a story with worldwide interest and possible legal action in countries out with the UK.


"FOOTBALL CLUB HOME TO SOCCEROOS STARS UNMASKED AS HAVEN FOR CHILD SEX OFFENDERS,  Celtic left reeling as decades long cover-up finally revealed"

Johnston tells it like it is – Celtic Park, where Australians Tom Rogic and Daniel Arzani ply their trade, is a haven for paedophiles, where child abuse has been covered up for decades.

"So far, Celtic FC, aided and abetted by some sections of the Scottish media and, it would seem, the judiciary, have resisted any calls to release details of their apparent enquiry."

Johnston tells of compliance on the part of certain Scottish journalists, newspaper editors, radio stations and TV producers, not to mention the legal profession, to cover up the Celtic Paedophilia Scandal.


"In fact, the club have gone so far as recently engaging the services of Hollicom, a shady public relations company, in a blatant and stomach-churning attempt to spin good news stories about the club, past and present."

Johnston exposes the part played by Celtic's hired cover-up division Hollicom. He should also be aware of the part being played by Hollicom owner Mark Hollinsheads bed-partner Lorraine Herbison (or Yo-Yo Knickers as we are informed her sniggering colleagues now refer to her) at Baeur/Radio Clyde.


All this, the blinkered, unilateral support from some fans, the secretive nature of the club’s spokespeople and the persistent silence emanating from Celtic HQ on the abuse issue, begs the question: what do they have to hide?

Johnston asks the question no Scottish journalist (or unemployed blogger) has the integrity and bollocks to ask.


If Celtic FC and the Scottish establishment truly want to play ball, the institution of and co-operation with a comprehensive and wide-reaching public enquiry is surely the correct and proper way to kick it off.

Johnston echoes the opinion of all right-thinking people.


Link to full article:





by Philip Joseph Gerrard Gillivan
by 1972


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