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VB New Book Recommendation

Written by: 1972
Monday, 26th August 2019

VB writer 1972 (real name Jack Harrington) has published his first book, describing in detail the sordid history of Celtic Football Club, from its inception as an agent of the Roman Catholic church to keep Irish Catholics away from Protestant Soup Kitchens, to it becoming a front for Irish Republicanism in the west of Scotland, to it becoming a home for football’s most notorious paedophile ring. The first fully independently written view of the world’s most hated football club is a must read.

Key phases in Celtic’s history are finally given the coverage they deserve.

  • The infamous meeting at St Mary’s Roman Catholic church in 1887, which spawned the idea of a Catholic football club

  • The mysterious “moving on” of Brother Walfrid

  • The relationship to the Fenians and IRA starting with Michael Davitt from the club’s inception through to the rattling tins for the cause in the 70s, to today’s Green Brigade and Call it Out groups

  • The 2014 Con – how Celtic & Glasgow City Council engineered the redevelopment of Parkhead at the taxpayers’ expense

  • The State Aid Celtic benefited from; The purchase of various tracts of land under market value

  • The worst display of racism ever seen in Scottish football, as the Celtic crowd dressed up as monkeys and threw bananas at Rangers hero Mark Walters

  • The infamous tour of Japan that never was

  • The failed attempts to kill off the biggest club in the country

  • Through the keyhole at Peter Liewell’s mansion

  • The 30 year cover up of child abusers at work for Celtic

The definitive sordid history of Celtic Football Club is now on Shamazon here



by 1972
by Philip Joseph Gerrard Gillivan


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