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Sold Our Soul

Written by: The Ref
Monday, 13th October 2014

Like most Rangers supporters, I just want the best for our club. I love the Great British institution which is Rangers Football Club. I have supported my club from the 1970s to the present day and I have celebrated the good times, and wept at the bad times, but I have NEVER abandoned my club: OUR club!

Taking aside the poor quality of the product on the pitch which has seen many supporters grow so disillusioned with our manager and coaching staff that they have vowed never to return whilst they are in charge, it must be noted that others are equally, if not more so, responsible for the position our club currently finds itself in.

Only a short time ago, some supporters groups, made up of a vociferous minority among the vast worldwide Rangers support were calling for the head of our Chief Executive Graham Wallace. At the time, I made it clear that he deserved a chance to carry our club forward based on his credentials, but that fell on deaf ears to some of those who claim to support our club and they pressed for his resignation, and when it became clear he was not going to be removed from his position, those same people pressed for a boycott of season tickets, an act which placed our club in a very perilous position.

It is as a direct result of the actions of those so called supporters groups who act on behalf of only a very small minority of the real Rangers supporters fan base, that the boycott of season tickets, and their propaganda war against the likes of Graham Wallace, provided an opportunity for Mike Ashley to make a power grab for our club on the cheap. If we had not been subjected to an orchestrated campaign to boycott season tickets, our club would not have suffered the financial shortfall which led to Ashley being able to gain enough control of our club to instigate a takeover.

At this point I should stress that I do not know much about Mike Ashley other than what I have been told by friends who are lifelong Newcastle United supporters, and taking into account their personal views, Ashley is very much a Marmite type personality. Some like him, others hate him - it really is as simple as that.

I now find myself in a position as a supporter where the very same supporters groups who called for a boycott of season tickets in order to remove our club of its Chief Executive, are now supporting him, because he is doing his job in trying to attract fresh resources and revenue into our club. Mr Wallace has been exploring all areas in which he can try and secure investment into our club and this has involved talking to Dave King and others. This has angered Mike Ashley apparently, because he saw an opportunity to cash in on a club in financial disarray and make a quick profit. Investment by King and others makes it more difficult for a person with the financial clout of Ashley to take advantage of our position. But I ask you this. Who is responsible for putting us in this position?

It is those very same supporters groups who called for a boycott in the first place! Had the boycott of season tickets not happened, then the need for additional financial security may not have been needed and our club may not have been as susceptible to an attempt by Mike Ashley to gain control of our club on the cheap! The irony seems to be lost on those groups.

They wanted rid of Wallace, but now he's doing his job as he was always likely to do anyway, given his position, he is flavour of the month. The problem is, they have made his job almost impossible due to their short-sighted approach in calling for people to boycott our club.

If Mike Ashley does gain control of our club, those supporters groups who speak for few, but shout louder than others will have no-one else to blame but themselves. They must bear responsibility for their actions.

Their hypocrisy stinks, and I for one will never forget just how much they have contributed to the current position we find our club in at this time! Some of them have become so obsessed with being in the spotlight that they fail to realise that their actions are destroying our club.

They know who they are, they do not speak for me, and I will never forget the part they have played in this whole sorry episode in our club's long, proud history.


by ABP1873
by NathanRobert86


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