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The Spiteful Pygmy And the Bully

Written by: We Must Be Bolder
Wednesday, 19th May 2021

It’s hard to imagine and live a life of official service whilst being the worst kind of example of a spiteful, noxious, pathetic Scottish nationalist. Scotland is in the unenviable position of having 2 of these cockroaches. The joint prize for being the most deceitful, egregious and wormlike must surely be handed again to James Dornan and the now contaminated Justice Minister.

Duped by a fake video involving their favourite antithesis of the very sporting fabric of Scotland. They strike. Nauseous with hate. Instantaneous with moral certainty they have shown exactly what kind of politicians they really are. Malevolent.

Dornan you can sort of understand, because his perception of life is seen through the green spectacle lenses of inferiority. He gets a little benefit of doubt, just a little. He gets it because with a brain the size of a golf ball with the density to match. He has the look of someone up on a charge of voyeurism involving his neighbours guinea pig. It’s fair to infer that JD’s mind operates the same way anyones might after a bottle or 2 of JD. Bereft of any talent or nous (politically or socially) he encapsulates the rank and file lunatic majority of the separatists.

Humza on the other hand is an entirely different beast. There is nothing even remotely excusable in his character and motivation. No. Humza is the most vicious and reprehensible politician we have serving. He has been given a platform he neither respects or deserves. A so called justice minister who piles in when his favourite target 1. Unionists 2. Protestants 3. White people or 4. Supporters of Rangers FC (or all four in many an occasion) are ready to receive his misplaced judgement with all the thoughtfulness and legal qualifications of a suicide bomber he encapsulates the very top tier of the party.

To paraphrase Humza from his tweet of condemnation, “if (and I stress if)” Yousaf has interfered and used his status to manipulate the narrative to ensure a fake video is taken to be believed as fact, he should be sacked. No ifs, no buts, no excuses, no hindsight, no apologies. Some clown of a failed journalist suggested that Rangers FC be closed down due to a small minority disrupting celebrations. I wonder if she shares my thoughts that Holyrood should seek to exist due to a small minority. This really should be the end of the pygmy victim and the racist bully. 


by Philip Joseph Gerrard Gilivan
by Philip Joseph Gerrard Gillivan


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