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Are We Overreacting?

Written by: Campsie
Monday, 1st June 2015

Wakening up today my first thought was, did I over react yesterday? The answer was simple, ‘No’

What happened yesterday in my opinion was the worst result ever in our 143 years.

Why do I say that?  Simply put, we will now struggle to survive. This isn’t an overreaction, this is fact.

A new sugar daddy is required, but, not on the playing side, we need the money for the running and upkeep of our club. Ibrox is a mess, it was once the finest stadium in Europe, it’s now weary and battle scarred from years of neglect and non-existent TLC.  Ibrox needs more than just a lick of paint, she needs a complete overhaul. Not just the bricks and mortar, not just the decor, I mean she needs cleansed from top to bottom. 

This includes our whole way of thinking, we need PR who understands our traditions; we need coaches who will actually take us forward; we need directors who know how to run a successful business. In other words, we need a business plan and a vision.

That is more important than anything else right now, results are secondary at this minute.
If we don’t have a plan and a vision then we are going to become another Leeds United. In other words we will become ordinary.

Rangers are massive, we have traditions and history that no club in the world can rival. Domestically we are the most successful club on the planet.

We will never be a force in Europe, that’s not our aim at this time, I’d happily settle for the last 16 in Europe on a regular basis, but right now that is as likely as the Bheasts being held accountable for their abuse of kids.

I no longer care about this camp or that camp. Dave King disgraced himself yesterday by not being at the biggest game in our history, bigger than Barcelona ’72? Bigger than Tannadice in ’97? Bigger than Manchester ’08?  Yip, this game was all about survival and our Chairman was nowhere to be seen.

In the build up to his takeover I read his stories and listened to his interviews on a daily basis, what is he saying now? His silence is deafening. I want a leader who will take my club forward. I want a leader who has the vision and know-how to take Rangers back to where we belong.  Mr King please tell me your plan, show me where we are going, make me believe in you? I’ll buy into your plan if it takes us back up.  I don’t care if it takes one year or five years, just let me in on it.

Tell me we are moving forward by capping our wage system to live well within our means, tell me youth will be given a chance. If you don’t have the plan or vision, then please leave now and allow someone else to take us forward. 

As a supporter I’m sick hearing how we are again going to be asked to fund this so-called vision we know nothing about. You’re the man with cash, put up, let’s see you working, then we may buy into it.

Don’t expect us to buy into something again without a proper plan. Most of us are working class guys who have put every spare penny into Rangers over the years. I’ve put my Rangers before my family over the years and there will be thousands like me.

Well I’m sorry, I’m not doing it again unless you show me your vision and plan, not only show me it, I want to see you implement it before I buy into anything else.

Your absence yesterday angered me - it showed a lack of respect.  I wasn’t there as I couldn’t get a ticket, but I’ve been everywhere else and I am hurting like I’ve lost a family friend. Rangers isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life to most of us. Stop treating us as a wee play thing and get your arse over here and sort it out, or be man enough to walk away.

I should have read by now that Ally McCoist has severed all ties with the club and walked with no compensation.

I should have read his name was removed from the hall of fame for putting his ego before our club by playing over paid over rated players Instead of mixing experience with the kids whilst we worked our way back

I should’ve read that McCall has left and I would’ve thanked him for his efforts and wished him all the best for his future.

I should have read all coaches are gone.

I should’ve read that all players except McGregor, Walsh, Murdoch and some of the kids have all been sacked for failure to do the job they were employed to do.

I should be reading that you are embarrassed by what’s went on over these past 4 years and that you will bring stability and security to Rangers.

I should be reading you’ve sought out a new manager and a new coaching set up.

Normally I say I don’t want former players back within our club, but right now I’m prepared to listen to all options.  I’ve listened to Davie Weir, I've listened to Neil McCann, I like what I hear and I like what I see from them. They won’t make managers at this time but I’d like their input, hence not completely ruling out former players.

I want someone who can bring on youth, someone who isn’t afraid to play youth and someone who has a long term plan. I’ll accept being in this division for a couple of seasons If It’s for our long term benefit, but the plan has to start today.

Sorry for the rant but I’m hurting more today than I was yesterday. 


by D'Artagnan
by Admin


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