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Poor Journalism Or Institutional Hatred?

Written by: D'Artagnan
Tuesday, 2nd June 2015


It’s an interesting tweet from Jane Lewis. At its heart of course is an inference that we Rangers supporters will view any action, from a completely distorted viewpoint, which suggests a hatred of our club. Not so much “Reds” but certainly a McCarthyesque like “Rangers haters under the bed”.

Jane Lewis works for a publicly funded media organisation which falsified the editing on an interview with the then Rangers manager, Ally McCoist, to present a completely different response to that which he offered, regarding a question about sectarianism.


Jane Lewis works for an organisation which sought to compare Rangers use of EBT’s with the Marseille match fixing scandals of 1994.


The latter link as you can see is still live, despite the result of 2 Tax Tribunals.

Jane Lewis works for an organisation which continually breached its guidelines on accuracy with regard to its description of Rangers, despite numerous complaints being escalated through various tiers of management at Pacific Quay.


Perhaps Jane even remembers her BBC colleague Nicky Campbell suggesting the attack on the then Celtic manager Neil Lennon, may have been perpetrated by “A Rangers fan disguised as a Hearts supporter”

Or does she think that the BBC Scotland footage depicting Ally McCoist falling to his death before a cup tie was really a “creative attempt to set up the clash between Motherwell and Rangers.”

The fact that some of the criticism came from out with the Rangers community, should have served as a suitable signpost.


BBC Scotland presenters don’t like to be exposed for “sticking the boot into Rangers” as this recent interview with Tom English, Jim Spence and John Brown illustrates.


The comments by Jim Spence at 05:13 into the discussion are particularly interesting, where he suggests that “you usually find when you ask a question John, people mounted campaigns to have you sacked” It’s the kind of revisionism which has been allowed to go unchallenged for far too long.


Allow me to re-phrase that for you Jim. Its not unusual to find, when you try to be a smart arse, and usurp not only the previous rulings of the BBC Trust regarding guidelines on accuracy, but also the rulings of the football authorities such as UEFA, FIFA, ECA, and the SFA, then you may find yourself, quite rightly, the subject of complaints.

Unfavourable documentaries, unsavoury “creative” tone setting, untruthful and misleading editing of interviews. Refusal to adhere to the organisations guidelines on accuracy, refusal to accept the ruling and authority of football’s governing bodies, both at home and abroad.

Is it really just poor journalism by this organisation or is it symptomatic of an institutional hatred towards our club?


by Admin
by D'Artganan


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