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15 Minutes Of Fame

Written by: John McCrae
Tuesday, 23rd February 2016

In this age of celebrities, usually people who expose themselves and their frailties to the world in a fruitless effort to be known or to enhance a Z List career, the phrase '15 Minutes of Fame' has become tired and over-worked. It isn't even the correct expression, these words were never uttered by Andy Worhol. What was actually written, not said, was 'In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." The text was part of notes in the programme for a 1968 exhibition of Warhol's work at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

Another sought his 15 Minutes of Fame this week, when a footballer few have ever heard of and who plays for a club that has twice gone into administration claimed that 'Rangers are a new club.'

Let's put aside the fact that we are not, the Law Courts, the SPFL, the SFA and UEFA are all agreed we are not. The only people intent on perpetuating the lie are fans of opposition clubs, mainly Celtic FC. Irony is not lost on them, they shoud Google the words 'Pacific Shelf'. In case that is beyond them they could simply click this link.


What, you say? Celtic were only founded in 1994?

As it happens, and I apologise for the use of a phrase associated with Jimmy Savile, but I am talking about Celtic, so you will appreciate why my mind leapt from one to the other, the man seeking his 15 Minutes started his career at Celtic Park. Might just explain why he jumped on the lies and myths that they won't let go.

This footballer has had a long and distinguished career. Sorry, my mind wandered again and I was thinking about Davie Weir for a moment. This footballer has had a long career. He was signed by Celtic while a schoolboy, which if nothing else shows he was either very brave or very foolhardy, but was released. He signed for Blackburn Rovers as a YTS at 16, showing so much promise that he was sent to Huddersfield Town on loan. Three games in three months proved he wasn't quite ready for the big time yet.

The following year and with a new manager in Mark Hughes at the helm at Blackburn, the lad's fortunes changed. He was loaned out again, this time twice, to Bury and then Blackpool, where he played five and four games for each club, performing well enough to be returned to Blackburn. Within weeks, he was given a free transfer and found himself down the leagues at Grimsby.

Halfway through a two year contract, the player was told he could find himself a new club. He couldn't and seven months later, was released.

There followed a two year spell at Partick Thistle and a fall out with manager Ian McCall, which saw him leave to join Dundee. Dundee soon plunged into administration and the player admitted that was the 'darkest day of my footballing career.' Personally, I would have thought being released by Grimsby would have been hard to beat.

The player exercised his right to leave Dundee. Rats and sinking ships, anyone? He joined Kilmarnock, where he had his real 15 minutes of fame or, rather 73 minutes of fame, as he was part of the Kilmarnock side which beat Celtic in the 2012 Scottish League Cup Final. His form dipped again and he suffered injuries and the following season he was allowed to re-join Dundee, now out of administration.
This didn't prove to be a clever move, as Dundee were relegated and he opted, again, to desert the sinking ship.

St. Mirren scooped him up on a two year contract but manager Danny Lennon, known by fans of the Paisley club as one of the worst managers they ever had, summed up the player by stating the player was not 'working hard enough off the ball to succeed at St Mirren.'

He was loaned out to Oldham, where he became a 'fans favourite.' So much so, that when his contract at St Mirren was torn up, the Club didn't make a move to sign him.

Remarkably, Dundee, the club he crapped on twice came back in for him and he is there to this day.

The player, born in Greenock and a former pupil of St Columba's High admits to a 'bro-mance' with former Kilmarnock team-mate Manu Pascali and the two holiday together.

He finally achieved a lifetime ambition with a full back page story in the Daily Rebel, sorry, Daily Record (what was I thinking of?) by uttering unadulterated garbage about the world's most successful club. He found, at last, fourteen years and ten clubs later, his 15 Minutes of Fame.

Name him, you say? Why should I? He is famous enough.

Andy Warhol also once said, 'When I die, I want to wear my blue jeans.' I suspect that when this footballer dies, he will be wearing his green tinted spectacles


by D'Artagnan
by albertz


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