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Ready To Talk?

Written by: Nineteen Seventy-Two
Thursday, 1st May 2014

When Rangers recently begun their 'Ready to Listen' Initiative, it certainly highlighted some issues, and put into perspective how broad a church the Rangers support is.

The campaign also demonstrated that those of us who are knowingly in supporters groups are actually a very small minority of the support.

What it also showed was a startling misunderstanding of what the supporters had been asking for.

Better communication and dialogue we asked for, and what we got was something appearing very much like lip service.

While the initiative to create a Rangers fan board, and to create a membership scheme sound great in principle, Rangers have some fundamental issues they need to resolve first, if either initiative had any chance of winning the hearts and minds of the Rangers support.

Despite what the board think (and yes I do mean the current board in place right now), many Rangers fans are intelligent and very capable of seeing straight through waffle and bluster.

What our members on Vanguard Bears have been saying in greater numbers is that listening is all very well, but talking is more important.

To be clear, Rangers will have learned little new with the Ready to Listen survey, as fans have been telling successive boards for many years.

What we consistently ask for is to be treated as equals and treated with respect and that the club be transparent with us, in a comprehensive fashion.

The time to worry about our competitors' knowledge of our plans and finances is when we manage to get back on competitive terms.

Clearly that is not now. Transparency with the support, and giving our support confidence after the events of the last two years, is far more important than some mythical commercial consideration in 2016.

If the club doesn't get supporters onside, there may be no Rangers in 2016.

So, rather than present a 120 day review that concentrates more on the past, with little explanation for instance of how the purchase of the club alone appears to have been (re)funded by Rangers revenues, and even littler detail of the wish list of plans for the future, the club should have been upfront with some real detail, including figures and scenarios and some tangible proof of what these will be.

As Rangers fans stand in the dark, it is time for the club to set the record straight. Below are just some questions that Graham Wallace and Co. need to answer.

Q - How much is the Sports Direct deal worth to the club each year, and how much is it worth to Sports Direct?

Q - How much is the Puma deal worth to the club each year?

Q - How much is the 32Red deal worth to the club each year?

Q - Are any of these deals set to increase in quantum upon certain conditions being met, and what are these conditions?

Q - Are any of the current Directors due any sort of bonus, and what are the details of these bonuses?

Q - While the purchases of the Albion, screens, Stadium-wide Wifi, and Edmiston House look regrettable, what does the club plan to do to return some value from these commitments, and how will they do it?

Many of the plans in the 120 Day Review are uncosted:

Q - How will the club fund the additional position of CFFO?

Q - How will the club create a scouting network and how will the Academy Development Fund be funded?

Q - How will the position of Chief Commercial Officer be funded, and how much will he or she be remunerated?

Q - How will the commitment to communities be funded, and what tangible benefit will the team get?

Q - The figure of 20-30 Million Pounds investment has been suggested via an Autumn Share Issue - Are there investors already secured, or is this an estimate?

Q - There is a requirement for an urgent resolution to ongoing hostilities between supporters of Dave King and the board. What steps are you taking to resolve these hostilities?

Q - Will you consider an EGM in order to bring forward a share issue?

Q - In the event of reduced season ticket sales, what are your back up plans, dependent on various scenarios around the volume of season tickets sold, e.g. what do you do if 10k STs sold, 20k STs sold etc.?

You say you have listened. Are you now 'Ready to Talk'?


by Nineteen Seventy-Two
by Ulster Loyal


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