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To Build Or Not To Build?

Written by: Chubby Brown
Wednesday, 9th April 2014

...That Is The Question (unless you are Celtic F.C.)

Much has been said about the land deals and State rules being broken but it appears that Celtic F.C.'s reach into Glasgow City Council again has allowed them to flout planning laws and regulations that the rest of us must abide by.

Most will know that Celtic bought London Road Primary School in December 2013 to demolish it and build on the land, but few will know that at the same GCC meeting Celtic were allowed to buy another FIVE plots around Celtic Stadium.

Four of these plots of land form part of a square at the junction of London Road, Davaar Street and the new Clyde Gateway route.

To be exact this is what they bought within the square of land.

Plot A and Plot D were previously owned by Celtic and were bought back from GCC.

The other plots (B & C) were not previously owned by Celtic. They were owned by the West of Scotland Housing Association and Clyde Gateway Urban Regeneration Company. GCC bought plots B & C from the WoSHA & CG-URC to enable the new Clyde Gateway to be built. Crichel Downs Rules apply in respect of land compulsorily purchased. What this means is that accordingly, the Council is legally required to give first refusal to the owner of the land at the time of the compulsory purchase (if known) to buy back any surplus land at an agreed value.

The land that comprises Celtic's ownership is shown here in a drawing submitted to GCC in May 2013 when they were looking to change the signage on their store.

This plan clearly shows that the square of land is not within the Celtic portfolio of land.

Interestingly in May 2013 Celtic had drawings made to allow them to submit to GCC plans to build a temporary ticket office and car parking facility on the square of land that they didn't own. The Council granted the permission for Celtic to build this yet they didn't own the land that they intended to build on. The Councils planning regulations are quite explicit, "this consent only grants permission to develop on land of which you are the owner."

There is no record that can be found on the GCC website that shows any intimated intention for Celtic to buy or enquire about buying any of the square of land yet they had took it upon themselves to have drawings made and submitted to GCC for a building warrant to be granted. GCC granted the building warrant in November 2013 and still Celtic did not own any of the land that this ticket office and car park was to be built on.

As I have tried to show in the above images the plots agreed to be bought by Celtic, in December, in no way cover the whole area of the square yet they have constructed the ticket office and car parking.

So how can Celtic FC be allowed to bend the rules that apply to ordinary law-abiding citizens of Glasgow. Obviously the "Celtic-minded" influence over certain Councillors and officials of GCC has again enabled them to benefit when they clearly should have not.

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