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FOI reveals The Sun's Rebecca Gray's Lies

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Thursday, 31st March 2016

Vanguard Bears today expose Rebecca Gray of The Scottish Sun for publishing blatant lies on News Corp's online tabloid on 10th March 2016.


Our Freedom of Information request quashes The Sun's claims of increased Police training, the sectarian term 'hun' being overlooked and the existence of a list of banned sectarian terms or songs.

Such ill-informed reporting by the so-called journalist  Rebecca Gray, a disgrace to her profession,  merely serves to heighten tensions leading up to the Scottish Cup semi-final, and Police Scotland should be asking questions of this newspaper for its dubious, almost sinister manner of reporting.

If there is any trouble at the up and coming Scottish Cup semi-final, Police Scotland should look upon her actions as incitement. While the ailing tabloid struggles with monetising its online content, Miss Gray may have given her employers reason to further reduce their digital 'talent' pool.


by albertz
by John McCrae


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