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The RFFF - Some Clarity

Written by: Admin
Thursday, 22nd January 2015

We issue this statement with the intent on providing clarity with regards to the RFFF statement dated 21st January 2015.

The RST does not have enough money in its account to support their legal moves to ensure that Ibrox Stadium is not to be used as security for a Mike Ashley loan, therefore the RFFF were approached by them in order to ask for the use of some of the RFFF funds to assist this endeavour. As per the RFFF statement, it was agreed that funds would be released, if needed, to support this and other fan groups who have similar intent.

There is currently £516,984.99 in the RFFF bank account, as stated on the RFFF webpage.


The VB Admin who sits on the RFFF committee had witness to the bank statement reflecting this amount on Tuesday 20th January 2015. 

Vanguard Bears as a large shareholder is totally opposed to the current Board using Ibrox Stadium as security for loans.


by D'Artagnan
by NineteenSeventyTwo


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