"Let the others come after us. We welcome the chase. It is healthy for us.
We will never hide from it. Never fear."
- William Struth

The Day That Scotland Died

Written by: The Ref
Sunday, 22nd May 2016

I was born in Scotland. I've always considered myself Scottish and British. My late mum was of Irish descent and three of her uncles were no more than boys, when they were all killed fighting while serving in Scottish regiments in World War 1. My dads brother was killed fighting for the Allies in Wold War 2.

I had the honour of representing Scotland at sport, and I've stood on the old terracing at Hampden watching Scotland play England, hoping for a victory, while English friends of mine were stood in the opposite end, hoping the same.

I would stand and cheer, and sing about Jimmy Hill, but at the end of the day, my rivalry amounted to banter and bragging rights with my English friends.

Those days are gone.

With the rise of the SNP there has been a rise in anti-English and anti-British sentiment in this country. Where there was once banter, now there is sheer unadulterated hatred. To express any opinion which does not conform to the Scottish Nationalist agenda, is seen as treachery and will result in trolling, and threats of physical violence.

When our club went into administration due to the actions of Craig Whyte, our club became a target. Attacking Rangers Football Club became a sport. Everyone who hated our club lined up to have a kick or a punch. The Scottish media: broadcast and written worked themselves into a frenzy attacking our club up to a point where it has now become a sport.

The Scottish football authorities also jumped on board by imposing illegal punishments. Rangers FC became fair game.

The SNP then decided to impose the OBAF Act on Scottish football supporters. Aimed primarily at Rangers supporters, this act has seen Rangers supporters given custodial sentences for singing a song, while supporters of Celtic walk free from the courts for doing exactly the same. The latest example of the corrupt Scottish legal system saw a Celtic supporting bigot, walk free from court with what amounted to no more than a slap on the wrist from the very same Sheriff who sentenced a Rangers supporter to a prison sentence for a similar; some may say, less serious offence.

So our club has been attacked, and then our clubs supporters have been attacked. As with our club, attacking our supporters has become a sport to the Scottish broadcast and written media, the Scottish footballing authorities, and the supporters of every other football team in this country.

Yesterday finished my affliation with Scotland for me. I watched the Scottish Cup Final and had no complaints about the result. What followed however, disgusted me. At the final whistle, Rangers players and officials were pysically attacked by a baying mob of thugs: thugs who are a direct product of all of those who have made attacking our club and it's supporters a sport. Those who assaulted our players and officials did so because they are a creation of a section of modern Scotland, which believes that they can attack anything to do with Rangers with impunity.

As I write this, todays front and back page headlines will already have been written and published, and I fully expect some of the inexcusable acts witnessed yesterday by the scum: bred from this cess pit of anti-British bigotry and hatred which was once my country, to be blamed on Rangers football club or our supporters in some way.

Before the Politicians, the Scottish media, broadcast and written, Police Scotland, and the Scottish criminal judiciary system start to look at aportioning blame for the disgusting events of yesterday, perhaps it would be better if they looked a little closer to home. Should they look honestly in the mirror, then they would see that what happened yesterday was as a direct result of what they have allowed to grow in this cess pit of bigotry that was once Scotland: a country that I was once proud of. Yes, it was people wearing the colours of Hibernians football club who disgraced Scottish football yesterday, but it could have been anyone, such is the anti-Rangers, anti-British hatred, that they have allowed to flourish in this country. They are to blame.

It saddens me to say this, but Scotland is dead to me now. I will only ever refer to myself as being British.


by Nineteen-SeventyTwo
by D'Artagnan


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