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Cheer Up Stevie Clarke!

Written by: Carson's Army
Friday, 22nd February 2019

It comes as no surprise to the members of Vanguardbears that the usual suspects have reared their ugly heads to have a go at Rangers Football Club and our fans, after all it’s what they live for and they couldn’t stick the knife in quick enough. We all know who they are!

Personally, I don’t think Stevie Clark is a Fenian and I don’t know the marital status of his parents when he was born, but let’s be honest being called a Fenian must be one of the worse insults ever directed at anyone; a group of murdering cowards who slaughtered innocent men, woman, children and race horses. They also selected their victims based on their nationality and religion so I suppose they could also be labelled as sectarian and racist.  No wonder Stevie was beeling.

Let’s cut to the chase though; Fenian isn’t a religion and it never will be. The word Fenian isn’t sectarian.

•  They have no Sabbath or religious festivals.

•  They have no Deity, saints or prophets.

•  They have no place of worship unless you consider singing PIRA songs at Parkhead.

•  They have no scriptures.

•  They have no head of their church.

•  Other than their support for the murder of British people it’s hard to understand what it is exactly they worship.

If we go into more detail it quickly becomes apparent that Fenians aren’t exclusively Protestant or Roman Catholic. Some of the most prominent Fenians were Protestant.  Is that why Stevie was raging?

On the other hand, the Orange Order is a Charitable Christian organisation which is exclusively populated by members of the Reformed faith, therefore “Orange Bastard” is extremely sectarian and intolerant of someone’s faith, and though Kris Boyd might not be a member of the organisation I can only assume the Celtic fans’ intolerance towards his religion was their motivation.  In fact a stream of recent Rangers managers have been subjected to the “Orange Bastard” chant - strangely none of the usual suspects thought it worthy of a mention.

Cheer up Stevie Clarke; we know you’re not a Fenian so stop acting like one.


by James Molloy
by Bluebear67


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