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Troubled Tom

Written by: 1972
Thursday, 22nd August 2019

It’s easy to laugh at Tom Boyd’s paranoid ramblings on Celtic TV about referee John Beaton, as it may well be that he is traumatised by memories of Brian Laudrup zipping past him at such speed he ended up cross eyed. While it’s amusing to see bears mock him on Twitter with memes and pictures of Laudrup, it’s perhaps worth addressing this recurring paranoia amongst what is increasingly a mainstream Celtic supporters’ view.

You could start with Tom’s career. He was a useless player who was a weak link in a poor Celtic side that Rangers dominated yet somehow managed 72 international caps, while Rangers NIAR stalwart left back David Robertson managed just 3.

Robertson was collecting trophies and scoring the odd goal and being ignored by Scotland, while Boyd was collecting caps while being run dizzy in the Premier League. Some anti Celtic bias that from the SFA

There is such a train of thought amongst the Celtic support that there is bias at the SFA that one deranged Bheast has not only written books about so called bad decisions, but actually made a film about it, with Boyd contributing from an office inside Torbett Towers.

When anyone dares challenge this myth or Anti Celtic bias, they are rounded upon by the Bheast End crazies, who cite various actions from the SFA over the years that apparently favoured other teams. It’s a real eye opener.

Any Rangers fan of vintage can also remember various refereeing decisions against us over the years. It’s just football.

What I can state is that the statistics from current referees Willie Collum, Kevin Clancy and John Beaton are astonishing in terms of statistics that impact Rangers, as is the performance of SFA Compliance Officer Claire Whyte. If I were that way inclined, I could present a strong case.

Beaton for example in his career has awarded Celtic 10 penalties, and Rangers 4. Willie Collum has awarded Celtic 20 penalties and awarded Rangers 11. Whyte and her predecessors have cited Rangers players for various alleged on field indiscretions, at a ratio of around 10:1. News reports yesterday suggested Boyd would be cited for his comments, and the response from Celtic was not to distance themselves from him, or to state that the club as a whole don’t share his views, but to state “We have had absolutely no contact from the SFA in relation to this matter and, given the context and circumstances in which the comments were made, would be astonished if the matter were to be progressed. If it is, then we will respond robustly."

It seems that the Bheasts haven’t learned from their track record of failing to take accountability for their actions. The club with the worst track record on any kind of integrity is instead trying to create a narrative around alleged bias two weeks before an Old Firm game with the intention of putting the SFA and the Referee under pressure. It’s a game they have played successfully over many years with the help of the media. It’s powerful propaganda, and  by its very nature untrue, but credible to those receptive to it. By repeating it over and over again people become more receptive, and they walk on to the pitch with a Referee under intense scrutiny not to give any decisions against them.

Examples of Referee alleged bias against the Bheasts in particular often focus on Old Firm Games only, which ignores the fact that in a 36 game season, the other 32 matches also count. That said, it’s most definitely worth pointing out some classic examples of poor refereeing decisions in Old Firm games that have been lost in the mists of time, while the Bheasts and their mainstream media apologists focus on one side.

-November 1995, and Rangers are denied a win over Celtic thanks to an onside goal by David Robertson ruled as offside

-2008 Scott McDonald offside goal versus Rangers allowed, thereby giving Celtic 3 points en route to the title

-Again in 2008, Barry Robson is allowed to stay on the park after a blatant red card foul in Christian Dailly, as Celtic win 3-2

-Scott Brown unpunished red card worthy elbows on Kenny Miller, Alfredo Morelos, Scott Arfield

-2017/18 penalty for Morelos v Celtic not awarded

-1989 Scottish Cup Final – Roy Aitken takes a throw in that isn’t his, and Ref Bob Valentine waves play on as Celtic score

-1977 Scottish Cup Final – Celtic awarded penalty for a non handball that Bob Valentine adjudged wrongly. Celtic won the game 1-0 from the penalty and won the cup.

-1992 Scottish Cup Semi – David Robertson sent off on 6 minutes for normal challenge

I could go on but I think you get the point.

This “Anyone but Celtic” myth is just that, and we cannot allow this myth to become a narrative that continues to influence match officials.

Everyone connected to Rangers should counter these myths at every opportunity. That said, if anyone wants to write a book or make a film called anyone but Rangers, please don’t.


by Philip Joseph Gerrard Gillivan
by 1972


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