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Statement: IPSO Ruling On Daily Record

Written by: Admin
Friday, 26th August 2016

Vanguard Bears welcome the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) rullng 03188-16.

This ruling is in relation to complaints against sectarian bigot Jane Hamilton's fabrication of the events at the end of last season's Scottish Cup Final. However, we seek answers to the following questions in the hope of preventing further inaccuracies and lies being perpetuated about our support:

Given that Jane Hamilton has a litany of online bigotry with the sectarian term 'hun' often used to describe Rangers fans and Protestants', why was she employed by the Daily Record? Does the Record condone her sectarian bile?

Why did the Daily Record allow Jane Hamilton's 'story' - which made some extremely disturbing claims - to be published based on a single, unverified email account? What is the Daily Record's policy on verifying random claims from the internet?

Did Jane Hamilton fabricate the originating email she claims to have received, thus trying to pervert the course of justice? It would take someone very sick in the head to insinuate that Rangers supporters had used their kids as human shields as barricades.

What are Police Scotland doing to trace the 'unidentified Police Officer' who it is alleged sent the email to Jane Hamilton? Impersonating a Police Officer is a serious crime which carries with it a custodial sentence.

We note that the Daily Record printed a statement in accordance with the IPSO ruling in today's newspaper. Although, we also note that no apology has been issued for the Rangers support being defamed by the 'news' organisation's lies.

We ask that all true Rangers supporters continue from avoiding this so-called newspaper and stay away from their online facilitation of hatred and lies. We also call on Rangers FC, the Club and its board to back its life-blood - the supporters - with a statement of intent on how it deals with the Daily Record moving forward.

Do not buy. Do not read. Do not click. Real Bears do not read the Record.

VB Admin would like to thank our members and the wider support in general for raising their concerns with IPSO. On what should have been a historic day for Scottish football, Saturday 26th May was a difficult day for our Club, with Players, Staff and fans being assaulted and subjected to physical and verbal abuse by rampaging Hibernian supporters. Some of our fans are still having to deal with the aftermath of the Steward and Police failures at Hampden that day. Do not let the lies printed by the Daily Record mislead you on who the real perpetrators of violence were, and on who was to blame for the chaos that ensued. If you would like to contribute to the Legal Defense Fund for Rangers Fans caught up in this fiasco, you can donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/vanguardbears


by Nineteen-SeventyTwo
by Admin


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